Check out Mosca’s stainless steel corrosion resistant models designed to minimize effects of moisture and tough condensation in harsh or wet environments. Built to provide years of reliable, cost effective service to the meat, & poultry and seafood industries.



  • ROMP-6R-VA

    Automated strapping system with rugged stainless steel cabinet, roller conveyor and corrosion resistant components inside and out.

  • ROMP-6-VA

    New! The ROMP-6-VA is an automatic, stainless steel, walk-up strapping system that features a stainless table-top and a moisture resistant version of Mosca’s Sonixs ultra-sonic sealer.

  • TRP5C-VA

    Fully Automatic, stainless steel, wash-down tolerant version of our entry level automated in-line bundler.

  • ROMS-6

    Versatile operator cycled or fully automatic in-line side seal strapping machines feature choice of track type and size, adjustable conveyor height and several dispenser options.
    Available soon with stainless steel cabinetry.

  • ROMP5-VA

    Walk-up, all stainless steel corrosion resistant cabinetry for harsh conditions.

  • ROMP-6-VA Hybrid

    Baseline corrosion resistant walk-up bander designed for cost conscious, high-volume poultry and meat processors.





    Operator cycled entry level, heat seal bander capable of up to 50 cycles/minute.


    Heavy duty walk-up bander available with Standard 6 Sealer in Sonixs or thermostatically controlled heat seal.

  • ROMP-6B & ROMP-6R

    Entry-level automated systems Standard 6 sealer and belt or roller conveyor.

  • TR-6

    New! High performance, fully automatic strapping machine with controls customized to meet application requirements, conveyor and sealer technology options.

  • MOM-8

    Trackless, operator cycled table-top strapping system for low volume packaging operations where highly reliable performance is desired.