Designed for Efficient Automation – Built to Last

Whether they are manually operated bundlers, fully automatic in-line and integrated squaring strappers, or high-performance unitizing systems, EAM-Mosca offers its customers a total system focus that provides utmost reliability and unparalleled performance throughout the system’s entire life.

    • Long-term customer-supplier relationships that work for the benefit of both.
    • Performance-driven, focusing on throughput, uptime, low operating cost, and quick return on investment.
    • Emphasis on innovation and continuous performance improvement for ourselves and our customers.
    • Application-driven approach that improves efficiencies while reducing operating costs.
    • Unique commitment to customers’ lowest total cost of ownership and satisfaction.
    • Mosca’s proprietary Sonixs ultrasonic sealing heads have revolutionized strapping systems offering major advantages over traditional heat seal technologies.
    • Read more about our SONIXS TECHNOLOGY, The Next Generation in Strapping Solutions
    • Highly reliable equipment tailored to specific customer needs, exceeding system performance expectation
    • Strapping materials engineered to optimize machine throughput and reliability.
    • Responsive field service network devoted to keep systems running at peak levels.
    • Extensive inventories, prompt deliveries, training programs, and other related services to grant the best bundling and unitizing strapping applications available.

    Mosca’s pioneering technology minimizes the number of wear parts and eliminates high-maintenance mechanical transmission systems, contributing to significant spare parts and maintenance cost reduction.

    Factory trained service technicians provide a variety of customized service packages to guarantee that Mosca’s strapping, bundling, and unitizing machines demonstrate unprecedented reliability and performance.

    System adaptations driven by applications might include modifications to the machine, controls, conveyor, material handling, or any facet of the system that needs an improvement to better fit specific customer requirements. These changes to standard products are fully documented, guaranteed, and supported by EAM-Mosca, providing our customers with the performance and confidence they need to be comfortable investing in Mosca products.

    Prompt parts and strapping deliveries are key components of the Mosca full service system approach aimed at providing the lowest cost of ownership and maximum benefits from your investment in Mosca machinery.