Mosca's new tandem squaring-strapping machine

When boxmakers ask for higher throughputs, faster changeovers, greater box size flexibility and higher reliability, at least one strapping system supplier, EAM-Mosca, listens. And the new SQ4 squaring bundler and SQ4 Tandem system demonstrate the point. A single SQ4 bundler is capable of fully automated operation and can square bundles as large as 56” wide.. read more →

18 Jan 2017
January 18, 2017

Bundling Wax Boxes No Longer an Issue!

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Sacramento Container is an independent corrugated packaging manufacturer with plants in Sacramento and Kingsburg, CA. The company is a versatile, highly customer-focused company. While their product portfolio is broad, they have, by virtue of location, a strong presence in the agricultural markets of California’s Central Valley. So, when General Manager Bob Bruna contacted EAM-Mosca Regional.. read more →

In the manufacturing world, side-seal strapping systems have been the solution of choice for a broad array of applications including protective packaging for furniture and cabinets, wood components, door and window products, ceramics and many others. The side-seal design keeps the strap sealing head clear from falling debris that can affect strapper performance. It also.. read more →

Shopping for a reclaimed barn-wood door for his home, EAM-Mosca Regional Sales Manager John Bachmann noticed that Schlabach Woodworks of Millersburg, OH, was wrapping their custom millwork products with stretchfilm. Conscious of Schlabach’s environmentally responsible business approach and ever-vigilant for sales opportunities, Bachmann found the door he was looking for while converting Schlabach to less.. read more →

EAM-Mosca, an industry leader in strapping systems and a member of the worldwide Mosca Group, will be displaying two distinct unitizing concepts at the SuperCorrExpo in Orlando, Florida October 17th – 20th, 2016. Maximum Throughput The EAM-Mosca model CTR-603-7 is a high speed, high performance, three-head unitizer. It has a peak throughput of 220 loads.. read more →