ROM Fusion shown in small arch

EAM-Mosca Corp., a leading supplier of banding equipment, announced today that they are expanding their line of ROM Fusion models to include a wider arch following earlier success with smaller track sizes. The Mosca Fusion, introduced to the marketplace in 2012, is an entry level strapper capable of operating at cycle speeds of up to.. read more →

Boxmakers tend to focus on the boxmaking equipment in their converting lines, and little attention to end-of-line bundling system design. It’s understandable because making quality boxes is Job Number One. But a well-conceived and well managed bundling operation can help maximize line throughput and ultimately, the success of the plant. The first challenge in successful.. read more →

“Well, our trash cans are no longer filled with strap,” said Ruben Ibarra, maintenance manager at Mickey’s Linen during a recent visit to the Chicago, IL based company. Mickey’s Linen is one of the largest family owned and operated uniform and linen rental companies in the Midwest, currently operating in five states, employing over 400.. read more →

EAM-Mosca is pleased to introduce the Mosca TRC6-SQ3A-Tandem high-speed corrugated bundle squaring/strapping system. As with prior systems, the new Tandem features a standard arrangement of a four-foot entry conveyor, a first-stage Mosca SQ3-A squaring corrugated bundler, a second four-foot pacing conveyor and then a second-stage SQ3-A. The Tandem configuration can dramatically increase bundle conditioning and.. read more →

The corrugated industry in the Americas is on an investment surge. Higher production plants, corrugators and conversion lines, although fewer in number, are all using the latest technology to reach demanding production and cost targets. EAM-Mosca is supporting this movement with an impressive lineup of high speed unitizers featuring Mosca’s proprietary Sonixs ultra-sonic sealing technology.. read more →