EAM-Mosca is pleased to announce the market introduction of the Evolution ROMP-6-50/4 Narrow Sealer Strapping Machine, specially adapted to tightly strap small, non-compressible packages. It is well suited for securely tying bundles of wood moldings, metal and plastic tubes, and extrusions. While plastic strapping typically elongates during the bundling process, it does possess some elastic.. read more →

In EAM-Mosca’s world of high-performance strapping systems, only using purchase costs as the basis for buying decisions may well be short-sighted. A more prudent approach might be to analyze investment choices by holistically reviewing total operation expenditures. This could mean comparing proposed new system investment costs to an existing process; or comparing new system choices.. read more →

Mosca's new, TR6-K bander for publication bundling

EAM-Mosca Corporation is pleased to announce the introduction of the Model TR6-K, Mosca’s newest generation of the ‘Kicker’ machine which offers a unique combination of bundle management and fast processing speed for squaring and bundling bound, printed materials. The new bundler efficiently straps varying product sizes from digest to tabloid, as well as mixed bundles.. read more →

Mosca’s new ROMC-6 is an exceptional, large-arch, operator cycled strapper for the most demanding of large product applications. The ROMC-6 is functionally similar to its predecessor, the ROMC-5, with performance upgrades in several areas, says Edward Martin, vice president of sales and marketing for EAM-Mosca Corp., Mosca’s North American division. According to Martin, “The new.. read more →

After manufacturing the best boxes, die cuts, displays or corrugated sheets in the industry, there’s another step in the process: compress and strap the load and get it on a truck. Hopefully the compression unitizers are up to the challenge, because if the product doesn’t show up looking great, there could be cause for quality.. read more →