Following on the successful market introduction of the Mosca TR-6 series of fully automatic plastic strapping systems, EAM-Mosca is pleased to launch the TRI-6 in-line model to the Americas. The TRI-6 offers an interesting alternative for cross strapping bundles of printed material, mail or other packages up to 24” square and 12” high. A TR-6/TRI-6.. read more →

EAM-Mosca is pleased to introduce the Mosca MOM-8 semi-automatic table-top strapping machine. The MOM-8 is a derivative of Mosca’s very successful Fusion automatic bander, minus the full track used for automatic strap feeding. The new MOM-8 is similar in operating concept but far different in construction and performance than competitive products. Semi-automatic banders, sometimes referred.. read more →

EAM-Mosca Corporation is pleased to introduce the new ROMP-6R-VA stainless steel automatic strapping machine with roller conveyors. The ROMP-6 Evolution strapping machine line from EAM-Mosca offers a proven combination of performance and flexibility. In a few short years, the Evolution line has developed wide appeal in a number of industries. Currently, there are over 600.. read more →

EAM-Mosca is pleased to announce the market introduction of the Evolution ROMP-6-50/4 Narrow Sealer Strapping Machine, specially adapted to tightly strap small, non-compressible packages. It is well suited for securely tying bundles of wood moldings, metal and plastic tubes, and extrusions. While plastic strapping typically elongates during the bundling process, it does possess some elastic.. read more →

In EAM-Mosca’s world of high-performance strapping systems, only using purchase costs as the basis for buying decisions may well be short-sighted. A more prudent approach might be to analyze investment choices by holistically reviewing total operation expenditures. This could mean comparing proposed new system investment costs to an existing process; or comparing new system choices.. read more →