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Accelerated Growth in Corrugated Production Requires Essential Strapping Systems

Fortunately, pandemics are rare, but that knowledge doesn’t help with what Covid-19 is doing to the world economy right now or how it is affecting day-to-day manufacturing in the Americas. What we do know is that corrugated production has had to increase output in many parts of the United States.

In areas hard-hit by the new virus, meeting the increased demand for corrugated packaging for e-commerce subscription services like organic vegetables, pre-portioned meal kits, pet food, and even wine deliveries have been lifelines to those affected by mandatory or self-imposed stay-at-home orders. Major metropolitan complexes are even redesigning lobby space to accept more packages, and that is not likely to change, even after the pandemic subsides. Food organizations such as Feeding America, have been the recipients of millions of donated corrugated boxes to help with food distribution for the needy, highlighting the necessity of corrugated products.

As with the corrugated industry, strapping manufacturers are deemed essential because, like many other products, raw sheet goods and converted cartons aren’t going anywhere until they are strapped.  With that in mind and the need for high productivity now is an ideal time to consider EAM-Mosca’s portfolio of strapping systems.

Bundling Systems for Corrugated Cartons

Let’s start with the TRC-6 bundler. A straightforward compression bundler that, after being introduced in 2014, has been further refined to become the best performing corrugated bundler in Mosca’s storied history. The TRC-6 features the Standard 6 Strapway – a highly refined system that provides superior dependability with its precision design and assembly, Mosca’s DC direct-drives, and its SoniXs® ultrasonic sealing system.  Intuitive controls and options such as dual coil dispensers minimize downtime.

More Perfect Bundles

Built on the TRC-6, the SQ4 incorporates squaring devices that help to form more perfect bundles, greater functionality and more appealing pallet loads. The SQ4A automatic version, can receive setup attributes via its HMI, through the “learning mode” option, or via a direct data transfer from the flexo. The direct data option, combined with automatic positioning of the backstops, squaring paddles, and bundler centerline adjustment, provides the unit the ability to be ready for a new bundle well within the setup window of the flexo system. The net benefit is increased throughput by reducing change over and make-ready time while allowing operators to focus on the critical flexo setup without worrying about the bundler. Responding to increased demand for smaller boxes, the Small Bundle Option improves transport and squaring of bundles as little as 7-x 7-inch.

Tandem Systems for Today’s High-Speed Lines

For extremely high output lines where the 24 bundle-per-minute throughput potential of a stand-alone squaring bundler is not sufficient, EAM-Mosca offers the SQ4A-Tandem.  Introduced nearly 10 years ago, the Tandem System is typically installed behind output multiplier devices such as a Twin Box Slitter or Bundle Breaker.  The Tandem setup includes two SQ4A strapping machines in series with pacing conveyors feeding products to each. The system leaves the base SQ4A controls intact while adding tandem controls through a separate controller (“smart box”); this keeps individual machine management straightforward while isolating machine assignment and bundle position control in the tandem controller. With the tandem system, the potential is up to 36 bundles-per-minute with the two bundlers alternately strapping incoming bundles. In the event of a bundler fault, one machine automatically takes over processing all products, thus allowing the line to continue running.  An optional 30” powered roller conveyor can easily slide into line to replace the bundler should it need to be pulled out for maintenance allowing the line to continue running smoothly.  The steady increase in sales of squaring bundlers and tandem bundling systems demonstrates the direction of the industry toward higher-quality bundles and improved production conversion lines. These bundler products are well-positioned to meet market requirements.

Specialty Carton Squaring-Strapping Systems

For cost-effective and highly efficient squaring and bundling of shingled-stream products such as POP displays off specialty folder-gluer systems, Mosca’s S-ATRS-6 SoniXs® truly fits the bill. The operator-assisted system can be equipped with an air-table to combat operator fatigue and speed production for these typical short-runs. For more varied, higher-output production lines, the new UCB SoniXs® with its five-sided squaring system intuitively adjusts to the size of the bundle for maximum output and minimal operator involvement. The UCB is the European market-leading machine for strapping products produced on folder-gluers and is designed specifically to meet European safety standards.

Strapping Complex Bundles Off Flex-Folder-Gluers

The MCB-2 model for strapping complex bundles sizes and forms features auto-setup and a bundle pusher. The MCB straps in the bundle flow direction, typically in-line with flutes, to minimize any damage to high-end graphics. Similarly, the UATRI-2XT straps in the bundle flow direction with the options of one or two strapping heads.

Compression Unitizers

The EAM-Mosca unitizer product line is also evolving to meet increased demands. The ultrasonic SoniXs® heavy-duty strapping sealer head comes standard on all unitizer product offerings. The ultrasonic head provides proven, dramatic increases in system reliability and a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). The head has a minimal number of mechanical components, reducing parts wear and increasing the working life of the critical sealing system. EAM-Mosca currently offers electrical and hydraulic powered compression systems with conveyors, turntables and up to four (4) heads.  The company also boasts the broadest unitizer product line in the industry.

Diagnostic Systems Available for Optimal Operation

The MoscaTrak, an intuitive and user-friendly diagnostic system with a new 10” screen, enables operators to track key performance elements to keep the unitizer operating at optimum levels. The ability to receive troubleshooting assistance and parameter changes remotely by network connection provides further assurance of the reliability and performance of the EAM-Mosca unitizer. 

Safety Systems Standard

EAM-Mosca unitizers feature an Automatic Platen Support, (APS), which engages at any elevation for safe, under-platen maintenance procedures, with or without power. The APS is included in the price of a new unitizer and is evidence of our ongoing commitment to safety.  As an option, the Advanced Platen Safety System (ADVPSS) is designed to detect a variety of issues, stop the platen within a matter of inches, and prevent the free fall of a platen.  EAM-Mosca is pleased to offer the most advanced unitizer safety options available in the industry.


EAM-Mosca Corporation provides high-performance strapping system solutions to a variety of industries, including food, graphic arts, mailing, fulfillment, logistics, corrugated, wood, and other industrial or consumer goods. The company combines innovative equipment with strapping materials manufactured to maximize machine performance and customer support programs that help customers meet their performance and productivity goals.

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