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Cabinet and Office Furniture Packaging Solutions

Kitchen cabinets can be a highly customized product, as can office and other wood furniture. The variety of sizes and styles offered bring smiles to designers and purchasers, but require a daunting degree of flexibility to manufacture, assemble and securely package for shipment. To simplify the process, EAM-Mosca has developed a portfolio of strapping solutions that provide the flexibility and reliability to help solve packaging issues for many leading North American cabinet, office furniture and related product producers.

The most common ways that EAM-Mosca customers package their assembled cabinets are with a corrugated tray, cap and shroud, or with edge protection; with-or-without an outer film wrap. In both cases, strapping is an integral part of the final package.

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Mosca ROMS and TRS side seal banders are superior solutions proven to secure edge protection or a multi-piece corrugated package together on a conveyorized packing line. ROMS is the operator cycled version. Operator management of the process is an advantage where variations in package size and shape requires personal intervention in assembling the package and placing the straps in specific locations. When there is less product and package variation, a fully automated packaging line can be efficient and cost effective. Both ROMS and TRS models offer Mosca’s DC brushless direct drive system with a thermostatically controlled heat seal for great seal consistency. In addition, they feature the Mosca precision built fully-enclosed strap track for extremely high feed reliability. Most competitive systems are designed with open, spring gated tracks that are more fault prone and often require use of heavier gage, more expensive strapping, adding cost and reducing the efficiency of the packaging operation.

In operations where packages travel down the center of the conveyor line. Mosca offers the ROMF model which can work in conveyor lines as low as 16 inches off the floor. The sealing head is positioned in the center of the conveyor and designed for operator actuated cycling. Other than the bottom sealing configuration, ROMF has the same technology and features as the ROMS side seal units and has been a successful performer in multiple operations in the Americas.

For off-line strapping of doors or repair part packages, EAM-Mosca offers the ROMP-6 family of strapping systems. Using Mosca’s newest technology, the ROMP-6 can be specified in conveyorized versions for fully automatic operation, or in operator cycled models, both in a variety of arch sizes and table-top options. The machines offer sealed bearing construction and a snap apart strap track to minimize service requirements and a choice of Mosca’s proprietary Sonixs ultra-sonic strap sealing technology or heat seal. In either case, Mosca is committed to a level of performance that will satisfy its customers.

In addition to its equipment, EAM-Mosca offers a full line of strapping products that are developed in concert with the machinery to provide a complete system solution. The Company is known for its ability to run light-weight, narrow strapping efficiently and has been successful at helping customers reduce packaging cost by reducing strap size. Recently a customer that had gone away from a strapped package in favor of shrink wrap, returned to strapping. Having tried both packaging styles, they determined that strapping provided an equal quality package at lower material and utility cost, with a higher level of environment friendly sustainability. Terms of source reduction and recyclability, strapping is a formidable option when balancing the many competing factors that go into selecting a package design. EAM-Mosca’s growing success in the North American cabinet market attests to this fact.

EAM-Mosca Corporation provides high-performance strapping system solutions to a variety of industries, including food, graphic arts, mailing, fulfillment, logistics, corrugated, wood, and other industrial or consumer goods. We combine innovative equipment with strapping materials manufactured to maximize machine performance and customer support programs that help our customers to meet their performance and productivity goals.

To learn more about any of EAM-Mosca’s other productivity enhancing strapping systems, please call us at 800-456-3420, or email us at You can also connect with EAM-Mosca on YouTube (, Twitter (, and Facebook and LinkedIn via the links above.

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