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EAM-Mosca announces exclusive agreement with Reisopack

US-based EAM-Mosca Corp. (EAM-Mosca), a subsidiary of Germany-based Mosca GmbH (Mosca Group), is pleased to announce an exclusive sales and marketing agreement with Reisopack S.L. (Reisopack) from Spain.  

Under the agreement, EAM-Mosca will exclusively supply Reisopack Strapping Systems and OEM parts to customers in the US, CanadaMexico and Brazil. 

In addition, EAM-Mosca will also offer plastic strapping materials, as well as after-market technical service support to new and existing Reisopack customers in the included geographic areas. 

Like the globally leading Mosca Group, Barcelona based Reisopack manufactures a portfolio of strapping systems for a variety of end-use vertical markets. Reisopack has grown to become the dominant global market leader in providing strapping systems for fresh produce applications.

The agreement will create synergies by specifically combining Reisopack’s technology and customer equity, in fresh produce markets, with EAM-Mosca’s comprehensive and highly successful sales, marketing, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities in the Americas Region.

“We are very pleased that we are now able to combine the strengths of both companies to their mutual benefit and most importantly create a better customer experience in a growing market segment”, stated Ed Martin EVP Sales and Marketing at EAM-Mosca.

“We have great respect for the Reisopack team and look forward to growing the presence of Reisopack in the Americas Region.”

The Reisopack organization is also very excited about the growth opportunities created by the new arrangement with EAM-Mosca. Per Oscar Saldaña Director General & CEO of Reisopack, “We are very happy with the inroads we have made in the Americas Region markets over the years, but we realize that we will now have the opportunity to grow faster and enhance customer satisfaction by utilizing EAM-Mosca’s extensive and highly respected sales and service organization in the markets covered by our agreement. We look forward to creating great success together.”

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