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EAM-Mosca Announces New Logos for SoniXs® and Get Inside

EAM-Mosca is excited to announce new logos for “SoniXs®,” Mosca’s proprietary ultrasonic sealing technology, and “Get Inside,” the machine system initiative that features the use of green, efficient technology.


As a global brand, Mosca is recognized as an innovative leader in the strapping market. The brand and corporate identity have been built and developed over the past 55 years, and with that, the Mosca logo has become an instantly recognizable symbol of superior quality and excellence.

Looking to the future, the resetting of SoniXs® and Get Inside logos was necessary to reflect that same innovation, quality, and continuous improvement of technology. Both SoniXs® and Get Inside have their purpose in expanding Mosca’s recognition, presence, and added value.


Mosca’s proprietary SoniXs® ultrasonic sealing heads have revolutionized strapping systems offering significant and proven advantages over traditional heat-seal technologies, including cost, maintenance, and longevity across all industries and applications.

The idea behind the new logo is to reinforce the benefits of SonXis technology with a strong, modern design incorporating Mosca Blue with a bold, recognizable green, extended “X” to simulate the look of strapping.  The artistic “X” also symbolizes the checkmark for all that SoniXs® provides; an innovative, efficient, economical, and highly sustainable technology.

Read more about the benefits of SoniXs® by visiting our SoniXs Sealing Technology page


Mosca announces new Get Inside logo

Get Inside

The “GET” part of the “GET Inside” is an acronym for “Green Efficiency Technology,” which embraces EAM-Mosca’s core corporate value of sustainability.  GET Inside particularly speaks directly to the efficient use of energy intrinsic to all Mosca machine systems.  The bolder kinetic look of the new GET Inside emphasizes the company’s increased commitment to sustainable machine performance. For more information, click here

We are proud to introduce the new logos and believe they will become recognizable symbols of sustainability, reliability, and innovation.

For more information, see “MOSCA celebrates 55 years: Together into the digital future.”


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