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EAM-Mosca Introduces New, ROMS-6 Series Side-Seal Systems

In the manufacturing world, side-seal strapping systems have been the solution of choice for a broad array of applications including protective packaging for furniture and cabinets, wood components, door and window products, ceramics and many others. The side-seal design keeps the strap sealing head clear from falling debris that can affect strapper performance. It also allows machines to reach very low conveyor heights; narrow arch shapes, very-small to very-large arch openings, and generally offers unique flexibility to match the strapping solution to the application. Mosca’s ROMS-6 series extends the flexibility formerly offered by the ROMS-4 Series, with updates of Mosca’s latest technology advances.

The ROMS-6 is built around Mosca’s Standard 6 Strapway, which includes its advanced Standard 6 strapping head and precision strap feeding system for extreme feed reliability. It also features tool-less access to the feed track for fast, easy cleaning and servicing. Standard 6 offers both the traditional Heat Seal and Mosca’s Sonixs ultra-sonic sealing options, a proprietary technology. Sonixs enables operation with either PP or PET strapping, a first for this class of strapping machine and a potential performance and cost advantage for strapping heavy or compressible products that benefit from PET’s stability and resistance to elongation.

The ROMS-6 is designed modularly, so that it can cover a wide array of applications with the same foundation, maintaining the construction precision so important to reliability across the range of sizes and styles offered. It offers conveyor heights from 12 to 32 inches high and its 75mm (3.0”) wide arch slips neatly between conveyor sections with no bridging rollers required. Two track styles can be specified. Buyers choose between Mosca’s renowned closed track for exceptional feed performance with PP straps from 5-12 mm and a flexible spring gate style track for PP and PET from 9-12mm wide. Track sizes range from 450mm wide x 400mm high (17.7 x 15.7”) to 1650mm wide x 2600 mm high (65 x 102”).

Several modular strap dispenser arrangements are available. The basic dispenser can be mounted on top of the pre-feed section of the machine, for the smallest footprint. Alternatively, the dispenser can be mounted on the backside of the pre-feed cabinet for a lower loading height, an advantage on higher conveyor height applications. Also, the dispensers can be arranged to face either left or right for operator convenience in changing coils. For high production requirements, a dual dispenser is available, with or without auto coil changer, to minimize downtime due to coil change. Auto coil change, for PP straps only, consumes only about 12 seconds and doesn’t require immediate operator intervention to maintain continuous operation. Finally, a larger, 400mm diameter coil dispenser is available, primarily for PET strapping, allowing more footage per coil and fewer coil changes during production.

The ROMS-6 can be cycled by the operator using push buttons on the operator panel, or via optional footswitch. In fully automated applications, a signal exchange option is available that enables the unit to strap automatically when a package is delivered to strap position by the external conveying system.

The unit can be configured to substitute exactly for an older Mosca ROMS model that needs replacement. It can also be configured with the dispenser and pre-feed section separated from the sealer and track to accommodate problematic floor space situations.
Many sizes can include a pneumatic press. The smaller arch sizes feature a side pusher option that positions incoming product against the sealer face to guarantee tight straps. There is also a narrow sealer option that enables effective strapping of products as small as 65mm high.

Some side seal strapping applications for heavy products and shipping units require heavy strapping and high tension from the sealing head. EAM-Mosca offers other solutions for these requirements. However, for requirements like cartoning of cabinets and furniture, boxing ceramic tile, securing protective packaging on doors and windows and myriad others, the ROMS-6 is an impressive and adaptable solution, deserving of a serious evaluation by production-minded strap users.

EAM-Mosca Corporation provides high-performance strapping system solutions to a variety of industries, including food, graphic arts, mailing, fulfillment, logistics, corrugated, wood, and other industrial or consumer goods. We combine innovative equipment with strapping materials manufactured to maximize machine performance and customer support programs that help our customers meet their performance and productivity goals.

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