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EAM-Mosca to Exhibit Leading Edge Unitizer Technology at SuperCorrExpo

EAM-Mosca, an industry leader in strapping systems and a member of the worldwide Mosca Group, will be displaying two distinct unitizing concepts at the SuperCorrExpo in Orlando, Florida October 17th – 20th, 2016.

Maximum Throughput

The EAM-Mosca model CTR-603-7 is a high speed, high performance, three-head unitizer. It has a peak throughput of 220 loads per hour and features Mosca’s Sonixs unitizer strapping head that has proven to be a highly-reliable and low-operating cost device over its seven-year operating history. The CTR product line, with two or three strapping head options, turn-cross, long-stroke electric press drive and optional MoscaTrac™ diagnostic system, was designed for the high-throughput requirements found in many American box plants. The unit on display will also include the new BSG-4 coil splicer. Splicing the lead edge of the new strap coil to the trailing edge of the expiring coil saves strapping and reduces strap coil change time by half, further increasing effective throughput capability. It runs on a rechargeable battery and is portable so that it can conveniently service multiple strapping heads.

Automated Load Dressing
In addition, EAM-Mosca will be showing the Mosca KCK-131-32 model unitizer with automatic top edge protection application and load tag printing capability. Where the CTR is built for maximum throughput, the KCK is built to automate operator load dressing and tagging tasks that are typically part of the unitizing process.

The KCK has an electric platen drive, similar to the CTR, and also uses the Mosca Sonixs unitizer strapping head. Standard width opening is 102” and it applies up to 7400 pounds of continuous compression force to assure complete and consistent unit load compression. It includes two or three strap tracks and two strapping heads, with one head shuttling between two tracks to achieve the selected number and location of straps.

Automatic Edge Protection & Load Tags

The automatic edge protection feature applies pre-cut corrugated edge boards, made from flat double wall BC flute material, from each side of the unitizer. The boards are hopper fed, each hopper holding about 150 boards. The boards are positioned using sensors mounted on the carrying grippers to find the load edge, and then centered on the active strapping heads via guidance from the load positioning program. Head spacing can be either 440mm (17.3”) or 625mm (24.6”) depending on load size and configurable strap pattern. The most commonly selected edge board size is 750mm (29.5”) long by 250mm (9.8”) wide.

If the Load Tag Data Print option is selected, a Markem model 5800 printer is integrated with each of the two edge protector dispensing systems. The system uses a wax based ink which is loaded in brick form and melted during processing. The print area on the edge boards is 65mm high x 400mm long. Print data is delivered via Ethernet through a Mosca Data Interface and is displayed on the system HMI.

Future Direction of Unitizing
KCK throughput with automatic edge protection and without pallet lances is about 140 loads per hour, depending on transport speeds and load sizes. It has interesting labor saving potential for operations that work in its throughput range and have the data delivery capability and crewing approach to gain the benefits. There is little doubt that increasing automation and reducing operator involvement with individual unit loads represent the future direction of the unitizing process.

EAM-Mosca offers these unitizers and others, depending on a plant’s requirement for high-throughput with traditional operator task design; or those more focused on labor quantity and cost management. EAM-Mosca will be displaying two of these proven, leading-edge technology based systems at SuperCorrExpo, Booth No. 1331.

EAM-Mosca Corporation provides high-performance strapping system solutions to a variety of industries, including food, graphic arts, mailing, fulfillment, logistics, corrugated, wood, and other industrial or consumer goods. We combine innovative equipment with strapping materials manufactured to maximize machine performance and customer support programs that help our customers to meet their performance and productivity goals.

To learn more about any of EAM-Mosca’s other productivity enhancing strapping systems, please call us at 800-456-3420, or email us at You can also connect with EAM-Mosca on YouTube (, Twitter (, and Facebook and LinkedIn via the links above.

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