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EAM-Mosca’s USI-SoniXs Strapping System: A Solution for Rigid Packaging and More

EAM-Mosca has been a strapping system supplier to the rigid packaging markets for many years. Over the last few years, it replaced the successful SMV-2000 strapping line with the USI-Sonixs system. The company’s commitment to building customized engineered systems has significantly increased its penetration of rigid packaging and various other industries with automated transport packaging requirements.

The USI-SoniXs is a side seal strapping machine designed to secure palletized and non-palletized shipping units for transport. It features track openings from 1200mm (47″) to 2800mm (110″) high and 1500mm (59″) to 2300mm (90″) wide. The SoniXs strapping head can index up to 18 inches from conveyor edge to load edge to accommodate various load widths, and can be built to strap through a pallet void, under the load, or both. As standard, this machine can be built with conveyor heights from 8 to 14.5 inches and optionally up to 20.5 inches. An optional electrically driven load stabilizer is available to steady loads from 49-110 inches high during an unstable product’s strapping cycle.

The ultrasonic strapping head, featuring proprietary Mosca SoniXs sealing technology, is proven in thousands of high production applications worldwide and makes strong seals with either Polyester or Polypropylene strapping, with no perceptible emissions or smoke. The SoniXs components are warranted for two years and have a life expectancy of millions of cycles. Click here to find out more about SoniXs sealing technology.

Markets Served

Rigid Packaging:

The USI-SoniXs currently operates in various rigid packaging applications, strapping bulk loads of PET bottles, beverage and food cans, and paper tubes are just a few examples. The applications share the characteristic of being layered on a pallet with paperboard tier sheets supporting each layer. Loads are typically trailer height which may call for load stabilization during the strap tension cycle. The USI-SoniXs head uses tension equalization, pulling tension from the bottom up rather than over the top of the pallet load. Lighter-weight products like PET bottles can benefit from this as it allows high strap tension without distorting products along the pallet’s top edge.

With successful applications across the Americas from Canada to Chile, the USI-SoniXs is a proven solution for this family of requirements.

Other Applications

The versatility and flexibility of the USI-SoniXs have made it a successful solution for many other end-of-line packaging requirements, including:

  • Securing layered bulk pallet loads of metal oil filter housings, a shipping unit that is a shortened version of the beverage/food container application.
  • Unitizing stacks of knocked-down corrugated displays for shipment. These special corrugated products are often complex in shape and unstable when stacked. The USI-SoniXs straps them securely for shipment while protecting product graphics.
  • A power tool manufacturer had trouble keeping up with demand for special tool displays destined for big box home improvement stores during peak periods. They replaced their manual strapping operation with an automated “island” strapping system that included powered entry and exit conveyor integrated with a USI-Sonixs strapper and customized controls, all supplied by EAM-Mosca through their Engineered Systems group. Click the link to read more about this case study.
  • An integrator purchased a USI-SoniXs as part of a system to package boards used in cheese molds after cleaning and reworking, automating an essential process in the cheese producer supply chain.
  • Some other applications into which USI-SoniXs has been utilized:
    • Securing corrugated packaging around kitchen cabinets
    • Packaging drinking fountains for shipment
    • Stabilizing pallet loads of digitally printed material on corrugated and other substrates
    • Palletizing shipping units of boxed PPE at a plastic products fabricator
    • Pallet loads of auto parts.

EAM-Mosca’s Engineered Systems group provides further flexibility in machine features and conveyors, controls, and other system options. The successful projects described above have been sold through various channels, including OEMs, Integrators, Distributors, and directly to the customer.

Strapping Materials

The USI-SoniXs operates equally well with EAM-Mosca Polyester (PET) or Polypropylene (PP) strapping. Most of the above applications utilize PET due to its superior qualities in larger machine operation, its ability to restrain loads during shipment, and increasingly due to sustainability considerations since it is made from recycled materials and is recyclable after use. EAM-Mosca offers a range of sizes and strengths of strap so that the specific choice can be based on meeting physical application requirements at minimum cost.

With a flexible sales philosophy, versatile products, and a performance-driven focus, EAM-Mosca successfully meets the automated packaging needs of many customers in many industries throughout the Americas.   

To learn more about any of EAM-Mosca’s other productivity-enhancing strapping systems, chat to a machine expert online, call 800-456-3420, email, or complete a Contact Form



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