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EAM-Mosca’s TRC6-SQ4 Squaring Bundler Developed to Meet Evolving Market Needs

Among the product advances unveiled at SuperCorrExpo 2016, October 17th -20th in Orlando, will be EAM-Mosca’s new TRC6-SQ4 squaring bundler.

In 2005, EAM-Mosca introduced the first of its “Q” Series squaring bundlers to provide a fast, simple, easy-to-maintain solution for box plants that wanted improved bundle quality. At the time, it wasn’t apparent that squaring functionality would become a requirement for the majority of corrugated bundlers. As the industry has moved aggressively toward higher speed conversion lines and higher bundle uniformity requirements squaring has become increasingly important. Since their introduction, EAM-Mosca’s Qs have become faster, more automated and generally more productive. , They have proven to be worthy partners to the many new high-tech flexos that are increasingly found in box manufacturing plants throughout the Americas.

The Comparisons

The newest “Q” is the TRC6-SQ4, built on the SQ3 foundation and offers simplified drives for the squaring and backstop functions; and a small bundle option that improves bundle management for small boxes and mini-flexo lines.

On the SQ3, the side conditioner paddle drives included a motor and independent encoder to maintain location for setup and operation. The SQ4 uses only a higher power motor with integrated encoder. Similarly, the backstop on SQ3 with Auto Setup had a motor, chain drive, tooth counter and brake. The new drive is a self-locking linear actuator with internal encoder. Both changes greatly simplify system mechanics and reduce maintenance parts with no compromise in performance.

A Small Bundle Option can be specified for installations where smooth transport of small bundles is important to maintaining line throughput and bundle quality. The SQ3 and standard SQ4 are capable of squaring bundles as small as 8” wide and 11” long. The SQ4 Small Bundle option reduces the minimum to 7”x 7”. The modifications include adding positive belt drives to move the bundles across the sealing area of the strapping table and refinements to the squaring and backstop mechanisms to enable the working members to close to the 7” x 7” minimum bundle size.

Otherwise, the SQ4 offers all the innovative features of the SQ3. It utilizes the impressive Mosca Standard 6 Strapway, which many consider to be the finest bundler sealing head ever designed. It offers the choice of Sonixs ultra-sonic sealing technology or traditional Heat Seal. Other features include tool-less disassembly of the feed track for easy cleaning, concealed, low height pneumatic press drive and ability to square bundles as large as 56” wide x 40” long.

The SQ4 is offered in two versions. The base model offers simple first bundle setup capability with throughput of up to 24 bundles per minute. Dual strap dispenser and automatic coil change options are available to reduce coil change time to about 10 seconds and maximize up-time.

The upgraded SQ4A, (required for the Small Bundle Option) includes a motorized backstop and fully automatic setup capability. Setup can be performed using the first bundle of the run, operator dimensional input at the HMI or via data exchange received by serial or Ethernet connection.

Tandem Configuration Available

For high volume requirements where the highest reliability levels are required, the TRC6-SQ4A is offered in a tandem configuration. It includes two-zone entry pacer conveyor, first stage SQ4A, two zone second pacer and second stage SQ4A. Controls allow alternate bundle strapping, and automatic fault recovery. If one bundler faults, it reverts to pass-through mode and the other bundler straps all bundles until the fault is cleared. Throughput of the tandem system is up to 36 bundles per minute, with 24 bpm capability in fault recovery mode.

Market Changes

The rise of e-tailing or direct-to-consumer internet shipments and new carrier Dimensional Weight (DIM) based shipping rates have contributed to increased demand for smaller corrugated box sizes. DIM weight calculations more accurately reflect what it costs a carrier to ship an oversize, lighter-weight package and ensures that a carrier is getting paid appropriately for the space the packages take up.

Based on that market demand EAM-Mosca expects the TRC6-SQ4A with Small Bundle Option to be an immediate contributor to the strong bundler sales that the company has enjoyed in the corrugated industry for many years.
The TRC6-SQ4 will be on display at SuperCorrExpo in Orlando, and is available for ordering in the fourth quarter of 2016.

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