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Mosca Answers Boxmakers’ Call with TRC-6-SQ4 Tandem

When boxmakers ask for higher throughputs, faster changeovers, greater box size flexibility and higher reliability, at least one strapping system supplier, EAM-Mosca, listens. And the new SQ4 squaring bundler and SQ4 Tandem system demonstrate the point.

A single SQ4 bundler is capable of fully automated operation and can square bundles as large as 56” wide x 39” long and as small as 7” x 7”. It has simplified drives to position package stops and side squaring paddles vs prior generation machines, and it can square and strap up to 24 bundles per minute. For many applications, it is a great solution. But for those situations where higher production and greater protection against downtime are needed, the SQ4 Tandem may be the answer.

The SQ4 Tandem is a 4 stage system: a 2 zone entry/pacing conveyor, an SQ4 bundler, a second pacing conveyor and finally a second SQ4 bundler. The system will integrate with upstream equipment to smooth product flow to the strappers and 2 accumulation zones in each 4 foot section minimize transport time to maximize throughput.

The system can be built for fast, fully automated job changes. Product size data maybe punched in via the operator panel or transmitted by serial or wireless network from an external control system. The system will move to the bundle centerline by way of an optional powered lateral adjustment mechanism and the side squaring paddles and backstop are powered into position using a dc motor and locking linear actuator respectively. After receiving the data, setup takes about 30 seconds. This capability integrates easily with many flexo manufacturers. It allows operators to focus on setup of upstream equipment and assists in the quick changeover objectives that are increasingly important to many manufacturers.

Once set up, the system has the capability to strap bundles fast and continuously. In single strap applications, the strappers typically alternately strap bundles and can achieve a max throughput of about 36 bundles per minute. In 2 strap applications, bundles may be strapped completely in alternating strappers or a single strap may be applied by each strapper. In both cases, a 24 bpm throughput rate is achievable. Should one strapper fault for any reason, the other automatically takes over the operation, completely strapping each bundle as the faulted machine goes into bypass mode.

The SQ4 includes an option for automatic coil change that can further enhance uptime. The system includes dual dispensers on each bundler so that two strap coils are queued up at all times. When the operative coil is depleted, the second coil is automatically fed into the machine, freeing the operator from having to make a time consuming coil change in the middle of a run. Where a manual coil change may take 2-4 minutes assuming an operator is available to do it, the auto coil changer gets it done in about 15 seconds and the operator can replace the empty coil at a more convenient time.

As more shoppers make purchases on the web, demand for smaller boxes is growing. This trend adds pressure to box producers to increase throughput to maintain production value, while causing handling issues on the bundling end. The small boxes tend to be less stable and harder to manage than larger cases. The SQ4 deals with this with its Small Bundle Option. The option includes design modifications to enable squaring, compressing and handling of boxes as small as 7” x 7” (vs the standard minimum of 8” wide x 11” long). On the handling side it includes a wide belt for smoother transport of bundles into strapping position and o-ring belts to carry the bundles out of the strap area after tieing. We may only be at the beginning of the era small parcel packaging requirements, but the SQ4 presents a very functional solution to this growing need.

So whether your priority is production speed, quick setups, reliability or ability to handle an increasingly broad product range, the EAM-Mosca SQ4 and its most capable SQ4 Tandem system can provide the equipment, strapping, parts and service you require. EAM-Mosca, the corrugated industry’s reliable, long serving strapping system supplier, is listening.

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