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Mosca Updates Bundler for Specialty Folder-Gluer Lines

EAM-Mosca announces introduction of the Mosca S-ATRS6-Sonixs bundling system, replacing an earlier generation bundler, the S-ATRS4, that has for many years been a mainstay for bundling shingled stream output from specialty folder gluers.

Recently Mosca and others have introduced new products aimed at this growing application. The S-ATRS6-Sonixs however competes effectively with the more expensive and complex models while maintaining commonality in parts and operating principles with the other Mosca bundlers operating in box plants throughout the Americas.

S-ATRS6- Sonixs integrates 3 major system components with a human operator to collect boxes from the incoming shingled stream for bundling:

An entry air table facilitates formation of the bundle by the operator and a steel side plate is a convenient tool for squaring bundle sides. The operator then slides the bundle into the transport section.

The transport and bundle management section includes vinyl coated roller conveyor that moves the bundle through the strapping stage. It moves the bundle into a backstop that positions the bundle perfectly for strap application while squaring it front to back. After positioning, a pneumatic side pusher re-squares the bundle sides and a compression bar compacts it vertically.

To complete the cycle a Mosca MS6-Sonixs side seal bundler applies a strap and signals the transport system to move the bundle into position for a second strap or exit it from the system.

While the air table and transport systems are only slightly modified compared to earlier versions, the strapper is completely updated to Mosca’s latest generation design and technology. It includes a precision design that removes variation from the feed and sealing assemblies to assure extremely reliable operation over millions of cycles. Toolless removal of major strap guide assemblies provides fast, convenient cleaning and servicing and of course Mosca’s dc brushless direct drive system assures long lived reliability in the strapping head itself. Further, it includes Mosca’s Sonixs ultra-sonic sealing system. Over the past decade, Sonixs has surpassed other sealing options, including heat sealing and friction, as the preferred solution by Mosca customers world-wide. It has zero warmup time, no smoke and a very long life cycle owing to its simplified mechanics and movement. The latest version self-calibrates prior to each cycle assuring users of unexcelled seal consistency cycle after cycle.

Changeover is quick and easy. The operator adjusts backstop and side pusher position with handwheels, chooses the number of straps per bundle and sets the control for bundle positioning. Done.

The S-ATRS6-Sonxs comes in 2 track widths: 1650mm (65”) and 1250mm (49”). It can strap bundles as small as 5” wide, 3.5” long and 4” high. Max bundle height is 15.75”. It typically operates with Mosca’s 5mm PP strapping but can operate with straps up to 12mm wide if required. Throughput speed is largely tied to operator dexterity at forming bundles and is typically within a 10-20 bundle per minute range.

Control is provided by the Mosca MSCB1 controller. The main operator interface is a membrane switch panel located on the operator side of the machine. A secondary panel with manual function control is located on the backside of the unit conveniently near the strap dispenser.

Popular options include a second backstop for applications where precise placement of a second strap is required, and dual coil dispenser, with or without automatic coil change. Auto coil change can eject the spent coil strap end and introduce a pre-loaded new coil in about 15 seconds, without operator intervention. It provides an attractive productivity benefit for high output production lines.

As noted above, a further benefit of the S-ATRS6-Sonixs is that it shares common parts with the Mosca series 6 bundlers that are extremely popular throughout the corrugated industry. In fact it has the same PM kit components as the Mosca TRC6 and SQ4 series bundlers, making service training easy and participation in EAM-Mosca’s new MoscaONE predictive maintenance program simple, whether a user does the service internally or through the EAM-Mosca Field Service Department.

As retail businesses work to compete with internet sales by streamlining processes and sprucing up product presentation, retail ready, quick setup boxes and displays present a nice growth market for many box makers. Mosca’s S-ATRS6-Sonixs bundler can help box makers targeting this market to compete both economically and esthetically. It is a great way to complete the production process on specialty folder gluer lines.

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