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New! TRC6-SQ3 Integrated Squarer-Strapper

EAM-Mosca is pleased to introduce the TRC6-SQ3 automatic, integrated squaring strapping system. The simple, intuitive squaring system first introduced in 2009 has been updated several times to meet the ever-demanding speeds and capabilities of corrugated box manufacturers. The latest version, built on the new TRC-6 bundler base, features among other updates, Mosca’s new Standard 6 Strap Path technology for improved feed reliability, which helps to meet the uptime requirements of today’s fastest converting equipment. The system offers extensive automation capabilities such as automatic coil change, motorized backstop with automated setup and remote technical support that have evolved as manufacturers have invested in equipment to make boxes faster and faster.

The new, fully automatic bundler with its modular squaring device provides superior bundle control and improved feed reliability. The TRC6-SQ3 features independently driven conveyors and removable, hinged conveyor tabletops for improved sealer access. The track and sealer head offer tool-less disassembly for quick access for cleaning and maintenance.

The compression device is driven by concealed pneumatics in a sleek new design which protects the components from dust and dirt and minimizes overall machine height. The compression bars keeps bundles flat and helps to control strap position. Electrically driven backstops and bundle side conditioners provide uniform bundle squaring capability for consistently square loads. A unique mechanism for improved squaring over a wider range of bundle sizes can square and strap bundles as narrow as 8”wide x 11” long and up to – 56”wide x 40” long.

The base model can be installed with simple first bundle setup capability and throughput of up to 24 squared and strapped bundles per minute, with a conventional heat seal or Mosca’s impressive Sonixs ultra-sonic sealing technology. For high production environments, the system is available with dual dispensers and automatic coil change options for 10- second coil changes without operator involvement. It also offers remote troubleshooting capability via Ethernet.

The system is also available with a motorized backstop and automated setup capability. The setup can be performed using the first bundle; or bundle size data entered by the operator on the operator interface; or with data received externally by serial connection or Ethernet. In addition, EAM-Mosca offers remote technical support to customers who provide access to the strapping system via an Ethernet connection.

A tandem version of the TRC6-SQ3 will be available approximately mid-year.

The Mosca TRC6-SQ3 family of squaring bundlers provides the highest productivity and highest level of automation available in corrugated bundling. Additionally, the SQ3 systems maintain a simple intuitive structure built on the high-speed, highly reliable TR6-C bundler platform. Its modular building block construction allows the configuration to be specified to the exact needs of a given application.

EAM-Mosca Corporation provides high-performance strapping system solutions to a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, warehousing, corrugated, food, graphic arts, mailing, fulfillment, logistics, wood, and other industrial or consumer goods. The company combines innovative equipment with strapping materials manufactured to maximize machine performance, and customer support programs that help customers meet their performance and productivity goals. EAM-Mosca is headquartered in Hazle Township, Pennsylvania, USA, and was founded in 1982. Manufacturing facilities are located in Hazle Township and Ontario, Canada. Sales and service offices are located throughout North America, along with distributors and contract service providers in Central and South America, and sales/services offices in Monterrey, Mexico.

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