Partnership Proves Beneficial for Oxxo & EAM-Mosca

In 2005, when Oxxo wanted to find a better way to securely close Totes that carry products from regional distribution centers to local convenience stores, they discovered Mosca strapping systems via a web search. After a successful trial that replaced manually applied cable ties with automatically applied polypropylene straps, they implemented the change by placing one fully automatic and one operator cycled strapper in each distribution center. Over the past 14 years, the partnership between the companies and the size and sophistication of the application have grown many times over.

Oxxo is a division of Femsa, the leading consumer products company in Mexico. Femsa is well known as Coca Cola’s largest franchise bottler, the second largest shareholder in Heineken, and owner of Femsa Comercio, a major retail chain consisting of Oxxo, plus several smaller retail and service station chains.

Manual and Automatic Systems

The first installations of Mosca strappers in Oxxo Distribution Centers included a fully automatic TR model series strapper required to put two straps on totes at a 20 tote per minute rate and an operator cycled ROMP model for strapping cold and frozen items. Because the daily cycle is to generate local store replenishment orders during the day, for packing overnight and delivery the next morning, the packing/strapping process is intense and reliability is at a premium.

The Mosca strapping systems have proven themselves over many years in a period of rapid growth for Oxxo. The handful of distribution centers in 2005 grew to 10 by 2010 with 18 active locations today and 84 Mosca bundlers. The DCs serve over 12,000 local stores and about 9 million customers daily.

Growing Together

The strapping solutions have also evolved over the years. Now on the third generation of Mosca models, Oxxo is converting its systems to Mosca’s newest bundling solution, the TR6. The unit advances prior technology with a precision strap track, sealed bearing construction and the Mosca Sonixs ultra-sonic sealing system. Oxxo management acknowledges that the TR6 has generated an impressive improvement in the already respected reliability of Mosca products.

Growth Requires Process Improvement

Nevertheless, growth leads to relentless pursuit of process efficiency improvement. In Oxxo’s case, they now favor a tandem configuration for their fully automatic strapping lines. The tandem concept places two Mosca TR6 Pro Sonixs strappers in series, with one active and one on standby. If the active strapper faults, the standby machine automatically takes over, providing failsafe continuity and making a demonstrably positive impact on throughputs. Given the small window that the DCs operate in, every downtime reduction has real value from cost and service standpoints.

As the Oxxo business has grown, the Company has come to rely on its supplier, EAM-Mosca de Mexico, for not only their equipment but for the complete strapping system, including strap, parts and technical service. Using the full range of EAM-Mosca products and services enables Oxxo to focus on their key processes, entrusting the strapping process to EAM-Mosca, the strapping specialists.

The Oxxo philosophy and the Oxxo-EAM-Mosca de Mexico relationship are summarized nicely in this translated excerpt from a letter of recommendation written by Oxxo’s Chief Buyer, Amalia Gabriela Sepulveda Montemayor: “I widely recommend EAM-Mosca de Mexico as a supplier of all of our distribution centers nationwide of bundlers, strap, spare parts and technical service… This company has been fully satisfactory for us (Oxxo) based on …consciousness of the importance of their systems to our operations and the excellent quality of the products that they offer.”

The Femsa Group and Oxxo, in particular, are aggressive organizations with demanding performance requirements. EAM-Mosca de Mexico is justly proud of the success it has had in serving this key customer and of its ability to evolve strapping solutions to meet the company’s growing needs. Oxxo’s nine million daily customers are appreciative of this fact as well.

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