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Pharma Distributor Improves Shipping Performance with Mosca

In 2014 an EAM-Mosca Regional Sales Manager made a fortuitous cold call on a pharmaceutical distribution center, only to find that its strapping systems were a major source of shipping delays. The distribution center, which worked on a tight picking, packing and shipping schedule to meet daily deliveries to its retail locations, was struggling. The strapping machines used to secure lids on the plastic totes for shipment were a major source of downtime. In fact, the banders were a drain on resources to keep packing lines flowing and a cause of late deliveries. For EAM-Mosca it was an opportunity.

How did EAM-Mosca Demonstrate its Capability?

The EAM-Mosca salesman, confident in his products’ capability to increase shipping line performance, was quick to offer a no-charge trial of a fully automatic Mosca strapping system. The shipping department manager, initially hesitant to deviate from the corporate agreement with the existing supplier, agreed to a trial when his contract service technician told him “…you can’t go wrong with a Mosca.” The trial included a strapping machine, strap and a technician to do the initial installation along with training for operators and technicians. The machine went into the line smoothly and immediately demonstrated improved reliability, although a minor problem was identified with tote slippage on the conveyor rollers, causing straps to be slightly misplaced. EAM-Mosca was quick to provide a solution by adding plastic sleeves to the rollers eliminating the slippage and enabling the machine to strap the narrow slots in the tote lids where they needed to be positioned.

Was line speed improved with Mosca equipment?

The Mosca driven improvements were very visible. The line bottlenecks moved from the strapping station to the discharge area. In fact, EAM-Mosca technicians added a sensor to the strapper to detect discharge line backups to avoid pushing strapped totes ahead when there was no line space. The shift supervisors who had been stuck troubleshooting problems in the strapping station, were now free to do their jobs elsewhere. After a couple of months, all parties in the distribution center agreed that the trial was a convincing success and a capital request was submitted to corporate purchasing for Mosca equipment. As word spread through other distribution centers of the trial results, pressure from operating managers around the country convinced the purchasing department that the current supplier wasn’t up to the task and a change to Mosca was warranted. This led to the first purchase of a Mosca ROMP6R-Sonixs fully automatic strapping system in February 2015.

Did the original trial results stand up?

The trial result was only the beginning of ongoing success with Mosca strapping systems. The original facility purchased several more machines in 2015 and by the end of the year, so had six other company distribution centers. In addition to the fully automatic models, the centers purchased walk-up, foot-switch cycled units for high-security tote strapping of controlled substances. The success has continued to the extent that by the end of 2018 the company had over 150 Mosca strapping machines in 30 locations.

How has the operation evolved over time?

A couple of years into the relationship, the customer decided to increase the number of straps per tote from 1 to 2, for increased security. This required a doubling of straps applied per line. EAM-Mosca’s answer was to provide a tandem configuration with two strappers per line with integrated controls. Normally, the strappers would each apply one of the two straps per tote, however, if either machine faults for any reason, the other automatically takes over and applies both straps on each tote, until the fault is cleared. This solution provided the increased number of straps required while providing a valuable back-up capability to the busy packing lines. The change was an opportunity for EAM-Mosca to live up to its claim to be a supplier that fits solutions to applications, rather than force-fitting an ill-fitting standard product into the wrong situation.

What is it about the Mosca equipment that makes it better than competitive models in high-volume applications?

Mosca Group companies worldwide are focused on delivering high performing strapping systems for performance driven customers. The Company is committed to technology leadership in the strapping industry. Its DC brushless drives, precision strap tracks and proprietary Sonixs ultra-sonic sealing system are all designed and built to provide highly reliable and long-life service to users. In addition, EAM-Mosca, primarily a direct-sales and service company, stays close to its customers, gathering feedback on system performance and tweaking machine parameters and hardware as needed.

How has the Mosca equipment stood up over time?

With 150 similar machines operating at a high production rate over a nearly 5 year period, good performance data is accessible. Across the 30 facilities in this company network, the average machine applies close to 1 million straps per year, a high rate by any measure. Reliability remains excellent as supervisors say that they just don’t have to worry about strapping performance any more. And, with parts costs averaging less than $500 per machine per year, an impressive number given the high usage rate, facility management is pleased as well. Interestingly, most facilities have never used EAM-Mosca field service, attesting to both good initial training and the relative ease of maintaining the equipment, even with very high performance requirements. As of this writing, both sides are very happy with the relationship and the partnership continues.


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