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Protein Processors Find Superior ROI in Mosca Stainless Systems

Meat, poultry and seafood processors have clear choices to make when selecting strapping equipment. On paper, machine features may look similar, but the relationship between the initial equipment investment and actual system cost-of-ownership highlights the distinct differences in quality. Mosca systems offer reliable performance over an extended period of time, reducing processing frustrations and contributing, at times significantly to the bottom line.

Just how are Mosca strappers different than competitive offerings?

While most stainless strappers look similar externally, Mosca distinguishes itself with what is under the hood. For customers that operate in punitive environments aboard ships or in processing plants, Mosca not only offers a high-quality stainless exterior but builds the operating assemblies inside its machines with stainless steel and other corrosion resistant materials and coatings. The ROMP6R-VA-Sonixs fully automatic corrosion resistant strapper’s IP56 International Protection rating signifies that its operation is not affected by dust or water jet ingress against its cabinet. It was also voluntarily subjected to and passed a salt fog test (DIN EN ISO 9227) to identify and correct rust/corrosion issues. Bottom line, Mosca strappers are fully protected, inside and out, from the tough environments common in the protein packing business.

In addition, Mosca’s Evolution series bundlers and Sonixs ultra-sonic sealing system have proven to be extremely high performers in many markets, including protein packing. High-reliability and long-life are Mosca’s calling card.

Why have processors chosen Mosca as their stainless systems supplier? Several important operational areas to consider:

Less downtime: Customers have achieved labor and operating savings from improved strapper reliability. In one case, this meant reducing overtime previously needed to complete daily production runs that were often delayed by strapper downtime issues.

Reduced parts cost: Multiple customers with large processing plants complained of annual replacement part costs with competitor machines that were equal or greater than the original cost of the machine after just a few years in operation. In one case, plant costs of $100,000 per year in parts have been reduced with Mosca models between 50% and 60%, even after 9 years of operation, with cycle rates averaging over 1 million cycles per-year, per-machine.

New technology: Since the machines referenced above were introduced, Mosca has developed a new machine series, its Evolution line. While maintaining the same level of ruggedness and corrosion resistance, Evolution even improves reliability while lowering operating costs compared to the earlier generation. The Standard 6 Strapway is a more precise, refined mechanism which enhances reliability, the track system has been redesigned for longer life and the second generation Sonixs sealing system checks parameters instantaneously prior to every cycle for consistently high strength strap seals. Parts usage comparison between similar customers shows a further 50% annual parts cost reduction compared to the previous generation.

Low operating cost: The Evolution ROMP6R-VA-Sonixs power consumption is only .25kw which translates to electrical use of about $.04/hour at a rate of $.15 per kw-hour. This cost is reduced by its automatic “sleep mode” that stops conveyor operation during idle periods and the Sonixs ultrasonic strapping head which is only powered “on demand”, during the sealing cycle.

Machine life: Customers regularly say that spiking maintenance costs lead to replacing competitor machines after just a few years. Mosca’s earliest Stainless machines are now 9-10 years old, several with more than 10 million operating cycles. Their operating costs are still in line and they are still going strong. Recent discovery of an 18-year-old Mosca machine with 40 million cycles, still performing about 2 million cycles per-year is proof of Mosca ruggedness and longevity.

Strap cost: Because Mosca is a specialist in high-speed bundling with light strapping, customers are often able to reduce the size and cost of strapping used, often generating significant savings. In one case, reduction from 6mm to 5mm strapping saved the plant $26,000.00 per year. Savings are higher for plants forced to use heavier 9mm strap due to their machine choice. Mosca allows customers to buy the strap needed to secure the package rather than what is needed for machine operation.

Machine investment is only a small part of lifetime system cost, and with Mosca, you are well justified by savings in operating, maintenance, strap and length-of-life/replacement costs.

How does EAM-Mosca assure that prospective customers will see these benefits? We will:

Survey your operation to determine our best machine and strap solution for your application.
• Demonstrate the design features mentioned above that are the basis for superior performance.
• Share real numbers from current customers that illustrate the points made above.
• Perform an in-plant trial or performance guaranteed purchase that allows everyone from buyers to operators to assess the products and get comfortable that what we are saying is fact, not hype.


EAM-Mosca Corporation provides high-performance strapping system solutions to a variety of industries, including food, graphic arts, mailing, fulfillment, logistics, corrugated, wood, and other industrial or consumer goods. The company combines innovative equipment with strapping materials manufactured to maximize machine performance, and customer support programs that help customers meet their performance and productivity goals.

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