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ROMS-6H High Speed Horizontal Pallet Load Strapping System

Horizontal strapping systems, commonly used to secure shipping units are often limited in strap type, speed and strap pattern capability. EAM-Mosca is pleased to introduce the ROMS-6H-Sonixs which eliminates these restrictions on all fronts and offers high-speed, choice of PET or PPY strapping, full automation, packaging line integration and more.

Horizontal strapping is a relatively simple, efficient way to secure a variety of products. Horizontally placed straps can be used to hold wrappers on larger products, and to prevent stacked product from becoming unstable during transport or storage. Combined with vertical straps or film wrap to tie the product to the pallet, horizontal straps create a secure unit, for local or long-haul transport. Typical markets include large boxed household items such as furniture and kitchen cabinets; layered products including dairy items in totes; and boxed produce like avocados and apples. Often, horizontal straps are applied manually.

A fully automatic option, the ROMS-6H is a high-production machine capable of applying three straps on up to 180 pallet loads per hour. It is offered in four track sizes from 1000mm x 1000mm (40” x 40”) to 1400mm x 1400mm (55” x 55”). Recommended maximum package dimensions are 200mm (8”) less than the track opening to allow clearance for transport and load variability. ROMS-6H can be built in heights appropriate for each application with a maximum load height of 2.3 meters (79”) and a minimum of 200mm (8”), including pallet.

The system can automatically strap a variety of product configurations with ten programmable strapping settings including up to ten strap positions each. In addition, the operator can set up individual load patterns via the touch panel as needed.

The ROMS-6H features the Mosca Standard 6 Sealer with proprietary Sonixs ultra-sonic sealing technology. Sonixs has no warm-up requirement, works equally well with polypropylene or polyester strapping, senses sealing conditions and adjusts parameters automatically on each cycle. The Sonixs sealer has proven to be a long lived and highly reliable system over many years. The Standard 6 Series includes Mosca’s closed track system that brings unparalleled precision and control of strap feeding and tensioning to yield exceptional cycle reliability, a key requirement of successful automated packaging systems. The sealing head and strap track indexes up 350mm (14”) to meet the side of the load to achieve the tightest possible straps. Combined with the optional electrically powered strap guide, tight, precisely positioned straps are assured on every cycle.

ROMS-6H is most commonly integrated into an automated product transport system, which can be provided by Mosca or the customer. Various safety options are available including fencing and sensing systems to disable operation when operators are within the operating perimeter of the machine.

While the standard machine offers a fixed position sealing head, an option is offered for a movable frame that indexes the head and track from a retracted position and moves it into contact with the product to assure consistently tight straps regardless of variation in load positioning. For high production operations, a high-speed indexing option is available. In addition, an electrically powered Strap Guide option assures near perfect strap positioning on every cycle. Without the guide, strap positioning is accurate to within +/-2”.

ROMS-6H can operate with PP straps from 5mm to 12mm in width. In addition, due to Sonixs flexibility, it can also work with PET strapping, potentially an advantage for heavier, less stable product that requires a more stretch-resistant strap to restrain it during shipment.

Speed, versatility and reliability, the foundation of all good packaging systems, are the hallmarks of the Mosca ROMS-6H-Sonixs horizontal strapping system. Contact EAM-Mosca to learn more about this appealing new strapping solution.

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