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SONIXS – Ultrasonic Sealing Technology

Ground-breaking strapping technology made by MOSCA

Joining the two open ends of the strap loop presents a potential problem in modern strapping technology. A tear-proofed seal, reduced sealing time as well as environmental compatibility are the main requirements that are in demand. MOSCA has developed a new system that utilizes ultrasonic technology to its full capability. A special sonotrode produces very strong consistent sealing. This new ultrasonic sealing system that is suitable for PET and PP straps offers a seal that is much stronger and far more resistant to tearing. Reducing the sealing time and the omission of the heating time leads to a strapping speed that is increased by 50% – no fumes or smells are produced and there is no residue built up due to melting strap to dispose of.

SONIXS is the name of this ground-breaking strapping generation. The heart of it is the new sealing head with the specially designed ultrasonic-welding technology. Mechanical vibrations are transmitted under pressure on the plastic parts to be fused, or in the case of strapping, the ends of the strap to be joined together. A special sonotrode produces very strong consistent sealing. The tensile strength at the sealing position represents up to 90% of the tensile strength of the strap used – conventional heat-welding reaches hardly 65%. Because of this consistent high strength, it is possible to use thinner and/or narrower and therefore more economical (cost-saving) straps in many applications. Considerable savings can be made by a changing of the strap width, which could mean that in a high usage application a machine might pay for itself within one year of purchase.

Another point is that the operating temperature of the converter unit is only approx. 70°C (instead of 270°C with heat-welding). This offers the possibility of immediate operating without heating time. There are no smells and no build up of excess residues. At the same time a high quality consistent seal strength is produced. The ultrasonic sealing head operates almost wear-free and is extremely easy to maintain. The sealing head can be easily and quickly dismantled without requiring any tools. Another big advantage is seen when servicing the sealing head. The sealing head can be changed within 30 seconds without the need for tools. Furthermore, the process controlled system works with latest technology and if required the sealer head is able to calibrate itself.

The electronics for the ultrasonic sealing head have been especially developed by MOSCA. This offers two advantages: the simplicity and economics of the solution remain in our control and at the same time are perfectly adjusted to the application.

In 2007, FEFCO (European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers) granted the SONIXS technology its award for innovation, the so called FEFCO AWARD in bronze, during its 14th Technical Seminar. This award in bronze, silver or gold is assigned every two years during the technical congress by an independent committee. This committee chooses the three most innovative presentations for corrugated production and processing. More than 60 suppliers presented their products and developments. It was MOSCA’s first participation in this awards scheme and MOSCA managed to achieve a remarkable result, further enhancing our reputation as a market leader in the strapping industry.

See the new standard of strapping technology for yourself – SONIXS!

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