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Strapper Fits Schlabach Woodworks’ Sustainability Values

Shopping for a reclaimed barn-wood door for his home, EAM-Mosca Regional Sales Manager John Bachmann noticed that Schlabach Woodworks of Millersburg, OH, was wrapping their custom millwork products with stretchfilm. Conscious of Schlabach’s environmentally responsible business approach and ever-vigilant for sales opportunities, Bachmann found the door he was looking for while converting Schlabach to less expensive and lower resource consuming plastic strapping for their packaging requirements.

Schlabach is a custom millwork company that uses both selectively harvested local wood and reclaimed barnwood to fabricate millwork, flooring, mantels and a variety of custom products including the barnwood doors that Bachmann was searching for. They were less than satisfied with the film wrapping process they were using because of the time it took to wrap their long bundles, the cost and quantity of plastic material used and the less than stable bundles that were often the result of the process.

Easily shifting from customer to potential supplier, Bachmann showed owner David Schlabach video examples of how Mosca strapping machines and inexpensive Polypropylene strapping are used in similar processes at other nearby businesses, convincing him to give strapping a try.

The result was purchase of a Mosca ROMP-5 automatic strapper with 9mm white polypropylene strapping. Because many of the molding bundles are small and not compressible, a key challenge was to get the straps tight enough to keep the bundles secure, while not tensioning too much and potentially marking the wood. The problem of achieving adequate tension was solved by specifying the Mosca narrow sealer option which is specially designed to minimize strap tension losses on small un-compressible bundles. The over-tension risk was minimized because the standard tension control system in the Mosca sealer is via electronically controlled DC brushless motors which provide extremely consistent tension, strap to strap, bundle to bundle, day after day.

A year after the strapper installation, Schlabach is very happy with the change. The bundling operation is faster, bundles are tight and secure, with no wood damage, and the strapping process is more consistent with the company’s green practices than the film process was. The reduced quantity of plastic material, and strapping’s recyclability align well with Schlabach’s wood conservation practices, use of low VOC finishes and general belief of respect for the environment. The cost of only a couple of cents worth of strapping consumed per bundle is the icing on the cake.

Beyond the strapping machine sale, John Bachmann is delighted with the barnwood door in his house and looks forward to buying a second one for the family’s mountain cabin. There are too few win-wins in life, but both Schlabach Woodworks and EAM-Mosca agree that this is one.

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