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The Benefits of End-of-Line Packaging Automation

Manufacturing companies must ensure their products are safe and secure during the entire supply chain and shipping process. Contingent on the size, shape, and volume of the products they ship, manufacturers accomplish this mission-critical task by wrapping (packaging) and securing (strapping) the items on pallets at the end of their production lines. Proper end-of-line packaging mitigates damage to products during shipping, increases throughput yields, and minimizes customer returns for damaged products. 


EAM-Mosca’s End-of-Line Packaging Automation

EAM-Mosca is world-renowned for developing innovative and technically advanced automated strapping, pallet strapping, and end-of-line packaging systems. Serving the Americas, and the Caribbean, for the past 40+ years, EAM-Mosca is an industry thought leader that provides end-of-line packaging technology that lowers maintenance costs and reduces corporate carbon footprints while increasing manufacturing throughput.

While low-volume end-of-line packaging can be accomplished with low-tech operator-cycled strapping tools, high-volume or complex packaging requirements rely on automated systems. EAM-Mosca’s comprehensive, automated packing/strapping systems can be readily integrated with other parts of a company’s manufacturing process, such as shipping, invoicing, and related ERP applications. 

Truly advanced end-of-line packaging systems like those offered by EAM-Mosca also integrate with robots and cobots to form a seamless fusion of humans and machines. This approach provides unmatched efficiency, worker safety, and consistent factory throughput.

“The installation of the Mosca strapping machine was seamless. It’s very easy to work with, and EAM-Mosca provides excellent support and training. We knew that if we had any issues, we could simply call them, and they would respond. They were a great vendor to work with. I would recommend them,” says Richard Lesniak, MRO technical buyer.


Upgrade Your Production Line

Manufacturing companies understand the value-add of adopting automated strapping and pallet strapping systems that can accommodate multiple types of raw materials that meet current sustainable packaging regimes. The Global Buying Green Report suggests that 83% of consumers under 44 years old are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging products. In comparison, 57% would reject buying products that harm the environment.

EAM-Mosca has led the charge for protecting the environment since 2010, when it developed an advanced ultrasonic sealing method that seals strap ends while eliminating harmful emissions and significantly reducing electrical power consumption. Although it can utilize polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) plastic straps, the company manufactures both, PET strapping is made from up to 100% recycled materials and can in turn also be recycled after use to create more PET strapping, creating a full circle recycled loop.  


The Advantages of Automating End-of-Line Packaging Systems

As a manufacturing company grows and market demand for its products outstrips its current production levels, adopting automatic strapping systems is the most cost-effective investment. The automated end-of-line packaging solution:

  • Maintains a steady and predictable throughput pace, day in, day-out
  • Eliminates post-production bottlenecks
  • Adds flexibility when demand surges
  • Enhances the company’s competitive edge
  • Integrates with the plant’s divergent production control systems 
  • Requires less operator intervention

A Recent Case Study

Problem: A well-respected power tool manufacturer in Wisconsin had difficulty shipping its point of sales (POP) displays safely and efficiently. A team had to manually strap the product on pallets using hand tools at multiple points in the shipping process, which caused delays and unreliable tension on many straps. The process was labor-intensive, cumbersome, and chaotic, especially during peak demand periods.

Solution: EAM-Mosca conducted an extensive needs analysis and designed a customized “island automation system” for the client that deployed dual USI-SoniXs strapping machines. That power tool company can now reliably and safely strap a new pallet every 30 seconds when needed. 


EAM-Mosca’s Solutions Have Compelling ROI Schedules

Investing in an automated strapping or end-of-line packaging system is a capital-intensive consideration when companies recognize the need to move away from manual operations. The company must calculate when they’ll realize a suitable return on investment (ROI) before making such a decision. EAM-Mosca’s automated packaging and strapping solutions produce accelerated ROI since they:

  • Reduce end-of-line operating costs and increase profit margins
  • Reduce labor costs due to efficient automation
  • Cut material usage and waste; machine tape is 30% less expensive than manual tape
  • Reduce shipping damage and customer returns
  • Increase workplace safety and reduce worker compensation claims
  • Add staffing flexibility during challenging hiring periods

“Being in the pharmaceutical industry, we process thousands of orders each and every day to our customers. Thanks to EAM-Mosca strapping systems, we can achieve optimal throughput with our orders by being able to process up to 22 totes a minute! We at AmerisourceBergen greatly appreciate our business relationship with EAM-Mosca and look forward to continuing that relationship well into the future.” Matt L, Project Manager, Distribution & Facility Engineering, AmerisourceBergen.



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