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The Complete Package: How Stretch Wrapping and Strapping End of Line Systems Work Together

At EAM-Mosca, we have plenty of experience helping with strapping and, now, a lot of stretch wrapping, too. Since our acquisition of Movitec in 2021, we’ve incorporated a variety of stretch wrapping machines into our end-of-line packaging solutions. 

One common question that we run into is when to opt for stretch wrapping vs strapping machines. Here is a breakdown of both, along with an analysis of why they work so well together and how EAM-Mosca offers best-in-class options no matter what your end-of-line packaging needs may be.


The Difference Between Stretch Wrapping and Strapping in End of Line Packaging

Before we dive too far into the specific stretch wrapping and strap machine options available, let’s consider the key differences between the two on the packaging line. Both are used as end-of-line packaging containment solutions. However, each features unique pallet wrapping technology.


Strapping Machines: Definition and Benefits

Strapping machines use plastic strapping to secure a variety of pallets and similar bulk-produced items. With a strapping machine, the primary goal is load containment.

Strapping solutions offer a variety of benefits for end-of-line packaging, including:

  • Effective load containment and control
  • High-strength bonds
  • Minimized risk of damage or accidents
  • Efficient use of resources



Stretch Wrapping Machines: Definition and Benefits

Stretch wrapping machines use film to tightly hold bulky or smaller palletized items in place. It is a clean and secure option.

Like strapping, stretch wrapping has several key benefits that make it a useful end-of-line packaging solution, such as:

  • Maintaining product cleanliness
  • Adding a comprehensive layer of protection
  • Fitting both uniform and irregular packaging needs

EAM-Mosca’s History With Strapping and Wrapping

Throughout its history, EAM-Mosca has worked with strapping systems that are both operator cycled and fully automatic, allowing us to offer a wide variety of human, semi-automatic, and automatic strapping solutions. Over time, we’ve developed unique innovations for our strapping machines, such as our Ultrasonic Sealing Technology and ensured that our products are economical, sustainable, and efficient.

In 2021, EAM-Mosca expanded our reach into the stretch wrapping world, as well. In March of that year, we acquired Movitec, an industry-leading developer and manufacturer of stretch wrapping machines. 

Since then, we’ve steadily incorporated Movitec’s machines into our comprehensive end-of-line solutions. In March of 2024, we even provided live demonstrations of both our strapping and wrapping technologies at the Modex supply chain conference in Atlanta, Georgia.


Different Strapping Machines and Stretch Wrappers

While stretch-wrapping and strapping are simple concepts in theory, there are many ways to incorporate them into end-of-line packaging. EAM-Mosca’s wide variety of fully automated packaging machines helps meet the unique needs of each of our clients. Here are a few of the top models that demonstrate how varied each packaging system can be.


EAM-Mosca Pallet Strapping Machines

This line of products includes various strapping machines used for a number of different packaging circumstances. Each strapping machine uses our SoniXs technology.

For example, the UHS-2 SoniXs® features a tiltable head track and frame for easel style assembly and is an excellent option for larger packages and shipping units. The CTE SoniXs® is built for pallet loads requiring compression, has an all-electric compression pallet capable of up to 8,000 lbs. of compression and MoscaTrak diagnostics for maximum up-time. 

EAM-Mosca is also the exclusive U.S. distributor of the Spanish-based Reisopack’s horizontal strapping systems. At the aforementioned Modex 2024 show, the EAM-Mosca team had our flagship strapping unit, the USI-2 SoniXs® strapper, set up and fully operational for demos.


Movitec Saturn Series Stretch Wrappers

The Movitec line of Saturn stretch wrappers includes four models. Each of these comes with automatic rotary ring stretch wrapping technology and services various load securing and packaging needs.

For example, the Saturn S2 is an effective and affordable upgrade from a manual turntable stretch wrapping solution. It is an effective way to manage low to mid-range packaging needs. However, the Saturn S8 is a high-speed solution designed for mass production. Once again, the EAM-Mosca team had the most popular model, the Saturn S6, up, running, and wrapping at Modex 2024 — and will continue to provide live demonstrations in the future, as well.


Movitec’s Saturn S6 High-speed Rotary Ring stretch wrapping machine

Stretch Wrapping vs. Strapping

One of the most common questions is whether an end-of-line packaging system requires a strapping or a wrapping solution. The answer will vary depending on each situation.

For example, if a manufacturer is trying to secure a palletized load of construction materials, they may be working with heavy content. In that case, strapping is usually advisable. Straps can pass through a pallet void and other items on a pallet, creating an internal sense of security and consistency for an entire palletized unit.

In comparison, stretch wrapping is helpful as a way to contain pallets with mixed, inconsistent, or looser items. PET plastic bottle products, for example, are excellent candidates for stretch wrapping. Along with more complete containment, stretch wrapping can provide a gentle yet firm degree of resistance that can keep a pallet’s contents in place and protect them from outside environments.


Using Strapping and Wrapping

In many warehousing and logistics cases, both strapping and wrapping can be an ideal combination. The former can provide a strong sense of unification and load containment. At the same time, film can keep loose or smaller components from shifting during storage and transport.

At EAM-Mosca, we are firm believers in customized end-of-line packaging solutions. Whenever a client can benefit from stretching and strapping solutions, we make sure to integrate both machines into their packaging system. That way, they are available and can adapt to the needs and requirements of each pallet and product.


The EAM-Mosca Difference

Strapping and stretch wrapping are common activities across the manufacturing, warehousing, and supply chain sectors. However, the way that these end-of-line actions are executed can have a significant impact on the efficiency and profitability of an operation. 

This is where EAM-Mosca’s offerings stand out not just for the quantity of options available but due to the quality of each one, as well. EAM-Mosca is always seeking to build on our existing offerings through additional best-in-class packaging solutions. This was demonstrated by our recent acquisition of Movitec and our obtaining the sole U.S. distribution rights to Reisopack’s technology and machines, 

Our goal in every case is to build complete end-of-line systems. These must be adapted to the unique needs of each manufacturer or supply chain company. That is why we focus on several key elements that factor into our elite offerings.



Prioritizing Cost of Ownership

While the initial purchase and set up of an end-of-line packaging system is an important first step, at EAM-Mosca, we are always thinking past that initial point of sale. We strive to ensure that the cost of ownership over the lifetime of each machine is affordable. Our machines are designed and installed for ongoing maintenance and support that maximize the lifespan and efficacy of each unit.

Maximizing Up-Time

A machine is only effective if it’s running. Suppliers can’t be bogged down by constant repairs and diagnostics. At EAM-Mosca, we pride ourselves on possessing industry-leading up-time standards. Most of our packaging systems run at over 90% efficiency, which ensures that your packaging needs remain met quickly and on time.

Providing Holistic Service

EAM-Mosca provides complete systems that feature holistic end-of-line packaging solutions and support. From the machines themselves to consumables, maintenance, and customer service from a global support team, we see to it that each machine remains efficient and operational over the long haul.

Focusing on Speed and Efficiency

It’s not enough for a machine to wrap or strap pallets quickly. The end-of-line infrastructure around it needs to be similarly efficient. We stock spare parts here in the United States so that they are immediately available if a machine unexpectedly goes down. We also build efficiencies into our machines, such as our stretch wrappers’ finely calibrated ability to pre-stretch film, which leads to superior application and film savings.

Maintaining High Quality and Consistency

Above all, EAM-Mosca’s team of industry veterans prioritizes the quality and consistency of our packaging solutions. We go the extra mile to provide those small yet significant improvements that can revolutionize your packaging efficacy (and boost your bottom line in the process). From avoiding neck-downs and tails with film to impeccable consistency of application to sustainable and effective ultrasonic strapping adhesion, our machines are the epitome of quality.


Discovering the Ideal End-of-Line Packaging Solution for Your Brand

From affordable long-term operations to optimized energy consumption to ongoing technical service and support from a readily available team, EAM-Mosca’s custom end-of-line packaging solutions are ideal for anyone operating in the supply chain industry. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re shipping food and beverages, manufacturing pharmaceuticals, transporting construction materials, or handling any other form of consumer goods. If you have end-of-line packaging needs, our stretch wrapping and strapping solutions can help ensure that every pallet and package remains safe, clean, and intact as it makes its way from the factory to the end user.

If you have end-of-line packaging needs, contact us. A member of our team would be happy to help you explore our various end-of-line packaging options.



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