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UHS Improves Packaging Line

Hazle Township, PA –  Air Techniques, Inc. manufactures air compressors, vacuums and digital imaging products for the U.S. and Canadian dental industry markets. Founded in 1962, the company manufactures out of a vertically integrated, 200,000 sq. ft. facility in Melville, NY that meets the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices.

The company maintains stringent quality standards and is a certified ISO-9001 manufacturer. According to Industrial Engineer Paul DiCicco, “We are always looking for ways to improve our manufacturing process.” Production personnel were struggling with manually applying 5/8” wide Polyester (PET) strapping around heavy cartons using a battery operated hand tool. The strapping was used to hold protective packaging in place, keeping the costly components safe. It took over six minutes per carton and the tool left six to eight inch waste ‘tails’ of strap. While not a high speed line by any means, the manual application was cumbersome and taking far too long. DiCicco and his team looked at a few of Mosca’s offerings but were intrigued to hear about a new system being introduced. “When we heard about EAM-Mosca’s new UHS side seal strapper we thought this could work for us, said DiCicco”.

After a brief demo trial, DiCicco didn’t want to return the system, EAM-Mosca’s first production machine. The UHS, touted by Mosca as a low maintenance system, is designed to strap large packages and shipping units such as white goods, cabinetry, and office furniture and machine parts. The UHS features the powerful, high-tension Mosca Sonixs unitizer strapping head previously only used in robust compression strapping systems. In the UHS, the strapping head is mounted vertically in a versatile support structure.

In addition to automating the strap application process, Air Techniques was able to reduce the size of the strap used. The company switched from 15mm to 12mm PET and no longer wastes the two feet of excess strap tails per carton as the Sonixs sealer cuts strap off automatically at the seal, contributing to considerable cost savings on each carton.

The system has a narrow profile that integrates easily into conveyor lines, and can be pulled in and out easily on large rollers. The system operates reliably with Polyester (PET) or Polypropylene (PP) strapping from 9mm to 12mm in width and fills a previous void in the marketplace where high-tension and stronger straps are required for stabilizing loads. The machine is manually cycled with a footswitch at the Air Techniques facility, but the UHS is capable of full automation and can be integrated into automated systems.
The main engine of the system is the Mosca proprietary Sonixs unitizer strapping head, which features DC direct drives for all strap feed, tensioning and sealing functions. The patented ultrasonic sealer supplies smokeless and reliable strap seals with either PP or PET. The sealed bearing construction eliminates lubrication and protects the system from dust and dirt.

Air Techniques has been so pleased with the success of their first UHS, they had a second system installed in another production line.

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