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Case Study: Global Logistics Company Increases Package Security

Case Study: Global Logistics Company Increases Package Security


With more than a century of experience, this global leader in logistics has proven expertise across their business including, supply chain optimization, freight forwarding, contract logistics as well as distribution and transport. With an emphasis on complete satisfaction, they aim to help their clients overcome their logistical constraints.

This particular logistics company provides services for a well-known international fashion retailer.


Being a retailer, the look of the package is just as important as ensuring the security of the product. Still, their current strapping machines were failing to perform as needed, and increased downtime was steadily driving up the costs of their six packing lines. In addition to under-performing machines, they regularly encountered misplaced and loose straps on the package leading to product security issues and inconsistent looking boxes.

The fulfillment process was standard for the industry. Orders are picked and packed into telescoping cartons and conveyed to end-of-line strapping stations. Each package was then strapped twice for maximum security.


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EAM-Mosca completed a complimentary in-depth plant analysis to understand all aspects of the packing process. During this analysis, it became clear the main issue, other than the outdated equipment, was the acute angle of the conveyors directly behind the strapping systems. This angle led to control and reliability issues where boxes often sped into the strapping machine, rather than being carefully conveyed and positioned for optimal performance and reliability.

As a solution, the engineering team suggested installing a pacing conveyor with belts to be positioned at the end of the angled conveyor and before the strapping machine. This additional conveyor would allow the product to be automatically straightened and placed in the optimal position before entering the strapper, allowing uniform straps at the correct tension, and secure packages for delivery. Existing equipment would be replaced with Mosca’s ROMP-6B SoniXs® strapping machines with an added sensor to detect any backups downstream of the strapper. The sensor would then shut the line down if strapping got too far ahead of the palletizing process.


The fulfillment team has been pleased with the positive impact of the pacing conveyors, and improved package control as the product moves through the strapping zone. Also, the machine’s reliability and consistent strap tension with SoniXs®, Mosca’s proprietary ultrasonic sealing system, have resulted in improved productivity and a better looking, more secure package. 

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