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Case Study: Legacy Cabinets

Case Study: Legacy Cabinets


Legacy Cabinets, Inc., headquartered in Eastaboga, Alabama, has been manufacturing cabinetry for the past 75 years through distributors to homeowners and builders. With years of experience and expertise, Legacy Cabinets formed a company that would provide value with a personal touch to all of its customers, with the aim to deliver quality products at a competitive price. Throughout their history, several expansions have taken place, with the current facility growing to 550,000 Sq. Ft.

In a demonstration of their commitment to environmental sustainability, Legacy Cabinets participate in the Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP). To maintain this distinction, the company has to meet all the ESP requirements for air quality, resource management of product and process, environmental stewardship, and community relations.


Like many cabinet manufacturers, Legacy Cabinets use a corrugated cap and tray-style package with sidewalls for packaging their products. They then secure the packaged cabinets with Polypropylene strapping material. Unfortunately, the bottom seal strapping machines used in their facility were unreliable and created loose-fitting straps that often fell off, requiring the product to be placed back into the production line and re-strapped to secure the cabinets for shipment. This dramatically increased production time, wasted strap caused operator frustration, and, most importantly, risked damage to the carefully crafted cabinets.


After a complimentary in-depth plant analysis, it was found that the combination of poorly performing strapping machines with Polypropylene (PP) strapping was creating the issues. Polypropylene strap tends to loosen over time after being applied to products. A more robust, reliable seal was needed as well as a strap material that would retain its tension after being applied to ensure product security during transport.

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To achieve this, EAM-Mosca offered a trial of the ROMS-6 SoniXs strapping machine with Polyester (PET) strapping material. This combination would allow Legacy Cabinets to strap their products with an ultrasonic seal – the strongest sealing method on the market. At the same time, EAM-Mosca recommended strapping with a material that would retain its tension after being applied. Mosca’s proprietary SoniXs sealing technology requires no warm-up and seals either PP or PET with no emissions. As another positive, PET strapping material is made from up to 100% recycled material and can be recycled after use. These characteristics helped the company maintain the requirements of the Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) and remain in-line with the company’s sustainable philosophy.

Using a side seal machine provides easier access for routine maintenance, and helps to keep the sealer free from falling debris.


The improved reliability and cost-effectiveness of the Mosca equipment and strapping material was immediately noticeable. A year and a half after the first trial, Legacy Cabinets has purchased several more ROMS6-SoniXs strapping machines, each running up to 400,000 cycles per year. The machine’s reliability remains high, with low operating costs. Parts cost on average of approx. $300 to $400 per machine per year. Legacy Cabinet employees also say they feel very confident in maintaining the systems after receiving training offered by EAM-Mosca technicians.

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