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Case Study: Rigid Plastic Manufacturer

Case Study: Rigid Plastic Manufacturer

Leading Global Rigid Plastic Manufacturer reduces downtime by up to 75%



As a global leader in the rigid plastics manufacturing business since 1967, delivering quality, innovative, and sustainable products to their customers has remained a top priority. The manufacturer has experienced rapid growth over its 50+ year history and now employs over 6000 people worldwide with over 40 manufacturing sites located in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The manufacturer serves a broad range of markets, including personal care, carbonated drinks, and consumer cleaning products with innovative technologies from aerosol technologies to more sustainable solutions like post-consumer recycled resin.



The rigid plastics manufacturer was frustrated with the performance of their 50+ strapping machines on their empty detergent bottle production lines at their manufacturing plant in Ohio, U.S.A.

The machines produced inconsistent strap tension and regularly made incomplete strap feeds. Strapper downtime caused a chain reaction that forced the shutdown of upstream production processes. In addition, operators were required to laboriously extract strap from the expired strap coil, causing them to initiate a coil change before the coils were fully used -wasting strap and increasing cost.

A more reliable and consistent strapping solution was needed to strap their corrugated cases of empty detergent bottles.



boxes on strapping machine After contacting EAM-Mosca for a better strapping solution, a no-risk trial of a ROMP-6 SoniXs® (arch size 1250mm wide x 1000mm high) was suggested in combination with using EAM-Mosca’s 6mm Polypropylene (PP) strap. The strap width was a close match to the competitor strap they had previously been using. A customized sensor was also installed to indicate when the strap was successfully fed and sealed.

The trial began in May 2017 after plant and corporate approval.

The use of Moscas SoniXs ultrasonic sealing technology made superior feed reliability and consistent strap tension immediately evident. Extracting strap from the expired strap coil was no longer an issue as all Mosca strapping machines self-clear when a coil of strap is exhausted – the machine senses the end of the coil and ejects the strap from the machine so that a new coil can immediately be loaded. This feature dramatically reduced downtime, strap coil cost, and waste.



Within nine months, 12 strapping machines had been installed at the plant. Strap width was also successfully reduced from 6mm to 5mm, saving the company 24% in strap cost per package, without loss of package security or reliability. A 21% reduction in material usage and a 27% reduction in coil change frequency were also recorded.

Additional results stats:

  • 50% reduction in coil change time from 4 mins to 2 mins
  • 100ft of waste saved per coil by switching to a more reliable strapping system
  • Department downtime improved by 25% with 12 Mosca strapping machines installed. An estimated 75% downtime improvement when all the plants strapping machines were replaced with Mosca equipment.

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