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A Leading HVAC Manufacturer Improves End-Of-Line Packaging Uptime and Efficiency With EAM-Mosca Equipment

A Leading HVAC Manufacturer Improves End-Of-Line Packaging Uptime and Efficiency With EAM-Mosca Equipment


A leading supplier to the residential and commercial HVAC industries operated a high-volume US manufacturing facility for its residential division. The company utilized multiple end-of-line strapping and wrapping solutions to package HVAC systems and their internal parts. The EOL packaging process featured a drape and shroud system and was the last step before loading the products onto trucks for transportation from the manufacturer to retailers and consumer residences.



Initially, the HVAC company used a competitor’s draping system to execute the final stages of EOL packaging. This system consisted of old equipment and was inefficient for the facility’s needs, which required completing each unit in less than 30 seconds (including transport).

Further complicating the issue, the components came in five different sizes and needed unique HVAC boxes with upper lids and bottom caps. These required horizontal strapping to avoid crushing the product and facilitate transport via forklifts that clamped down on each package and palette from the sides rather than the bottom. 

These needs, combined with an inefficient system, led to a high degree of downtime. Poor tension on packaging material was also an issue. Leadership considered how they could avoid continued investment in a low-quality packaging solution and decided to connect with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to explore alternatives. 

This retail partner reached out to EAM-Mosca as a provider of elite strapping machines and related end-of-line (EOL) packaging solutions. The OEM inquired about what options were available for such a specific and uncommon EOL packaging scenario. Together, the manufacturer, OEM, and EAM-Mosca began to workshop a solution.



The EAM-Mosca sales rep traveled to the facility twice, documenting the current equipment and taking pictures and videos. The EAM-Mosca team was able to quickly diagnose the issue and prescribe the best solution: the ROMS-6H SoniXs® horizontal strapping machine.

The high-speed system possesses exceptional strapping capabilities and comes in multiple heights. It utilizes EAM-Mosca’s patented Sonix® strapping technology — a revolutionary strap welding solution that is economical and sustainable.

Critically, the ROMS-6H is ideal for horizontal strapping needs. It also has an arch and can hold a greater degree of tension in the packaging material. 

The team suggested alterations, such as ensuring the correct arch size. They also considered additional features, the correct placement in the facility, and the need to replace existing polypropylene plastic straps with a more sustainable PET plastic polyester alternative. In addition, they addressed client-specific needs. For instance, the boxes used for packaging the HVAC equipment had notches that needed to line up with the straps as they were automatically packaged. 

The HVAC client decided to take a closer look. They visited a tradeshow where EAM-Mosca was exhibiting and saw the equipment up close. They even witnessed a demonstration of how to disassemble the head without tools to see how the machine worked inside. The HVAC client placed an order, and the completed unit came backed by a 30-day performance guarantee. The EAM-Mosca team also helped the client learn to operate the new packaging system interface and software.



The benefits of the ROMS-6H were immediately apparent. The superior strapping solution offered greater tension and faster speeds. The strapping system nearly ran around the clock, too, increasing uptime

The HVAC client has two draping systems set up for their EOL packaging needs. EAM-Mosca’s solution replaced one of these. The results have been so profound that the client is already considering upgrading the other system to keep pace with the faster speed and higher uptime of its newer alternative.

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