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Case Study: International Door and Window Manufacturer

Case Study: International Door and Window Manufacturer

International door and window manufacturer reduces downtime and lowers TCO with Mosca equipment



An internationally known door and window manufacturer with over 100 plants worldwide, manufactures a range of products in a variety of materials, including energy efficient and architectural lines. Strapping is used to secure protective corrugated packaging around the perimeter of most products as the last production step prior to shipment.



One of their plants, located near EAM-Mosca’s headquarters in Hazleton, PA was frustrated with what they saw as excessive downtime and high maintenance costs on the competitor strapping equipment that they were using. End-of-line breakdowns were negatively impacting upstream operations, overall plant costs, and productivity. When plant representatives met with the EAM-Mosca team that was charged with growing participation in the door and window market, they agreed to a plant survey of strapping operations that led to a no-charge in-plant trial.



ROMC-6 Strapping Machine

EAM-Mosca recommended a ROMC-SoniXs bottom seal strapping machine, with center seal position. The model selected had a track opening of 1250 mm wide x 600 mm high to match the products run on the selected production line, although the ROMC-SoniXs is available in sizes up to 2800 mm wide to meet application requirements. In assessing the situation, EAM-Mosca, confident that they could improve reliability with a lighter strap that was more than adequate for the application, recommended reducing the size of the Polypropylene (PP) strap used from 9 mm to 8mm wide. This offered about a 15% savings on consumable costs.

The start of the trial required some give and take from both sides, but the on-site EAM-Mosca technician and plant operators and maintenance technicians worked together to quickly iron out all issues and the trial was deemed a success.



The plant purchased the trial machine and has since replaced all its strapping equipment with Mosca products. The 8mm strap has worked well on smaller products. For larger products where greater strength is required, the Mosca Sonixs sealing system enables them to use stretch-resistant Polyester (PET) strapping to provide superior package security.

Since the original trial, 12 other US plants, including a fiber mill, have converted to Mosca as their strapping system supplier, each conversion justified based on reduced downtime and lower total cost of ownership. This case is a great example of how Mosca’s customer-first, performance-focused approach, can build successful long-term supplier-customer partnerships.


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