Systems for loads of larger products in need of securement or carton closure. Walk-up and in-line conveyor systems available. See our Product Selection Guide for a complete overview of our strapping systems.

  • ROMP-6B & ROMP-6R

    Entry-level automated systems Standard 6 sealer and belt or roller conveyor.


    Heavy duty walk-up bander available with Standard 6 Sealer in Sonixs or thermostatically controlled heat seal.

  • ROMS-6

    Versatile operator cycled or fully automatic in-Line side seal strapping machine features Standard 6 strapping head and precision strap feeding system for extreme feed reliability. Available with adjustable conveyor heights and track sizes.

  • UHS-2-Sonixs

    High-performance, low maintenance side seal strapping system designed to strap large packages and shipping units with either PP or PET strapping in widths of 9, 11 or 12mm.


  • USI-Sonixs

    New, High-Tension, Side-Seal Strapping System with Indexing Strapping Head and Optional Pallet Lance.

  • TR-6

    New! High performance, fully automatic strapping machine with controls customized to meet application requirements; conveyor and sealer technology options.

  • ROMC-6

    Large-arch, operator cycled system for demanding, large product applications. Bottom mounted strapping head available with Mosca Standard 6 Strap Path technology with Heat Seal or Sonixs.

  • ROMS6-H-Sonixs

    The ROMS6-H-Sonixs is a sophisticated, high-speed horizontal strapping system for use in an integrated production line.

  • MOM-8

    Trackless, operator cycled table-top strapping system for low volume packaging operations where highly reliable performance is desired. The MOM-8 is based on Mosca’s very successful Fusion automatic bander, minus the full track used for automatic strap feeding.