Our complete line of high-performance bundlers and unitizers, including our fast, economical CTR Unitizer; and TR6C-SQ4 squaring bundler that handles both large and small bundles.

See our Bundler Product Brochure for quick reference and a useful machine selection guide.



  • TRC-6

    New TRC-6 bander for corrugated bundles. Advances in mechanical and control technology, robust new cabinet, new conveyor, choice of sealers and streamlined press.


    Superior off-line bundler comes in a range of track sizes. Uses the same strap path as Mosca’s top of the line automated equipment.




  • UATRI-2

    Fully automatic squaring bundler. Straps in direction of flow. One or two strapping heads. All-side squaring. Up to 28 bundles per minute.

  • TRC6-SQ4

    Newest fully-automatic, squaring and strapping system that dramatically improves bundle quality without the cost or complexity of a specialized squaring system.

  • S-ATRS-6-Sonixs

    Cost effective and highly efficient solution for squaring and bundling shingled-stream specialty folder gluer output. System features quick set-up and increases the output of operator assisted bundling of limited-quantity, high-speed production runs.

  • MCB-2

    Fully automatic squaring bundler. Bundle pusher transport. Straps in flow direction. Auto setup. Up to 24 bundles per minute.




  • CTR

    Electric compression, one to three Sonixs heads. Up to 220 units per hour.

  • CTE

    Electric compression, one to four heads. Up to 200 units per hour. Ideal head spacing for sheet feeders.

  • CTX

    Hydraulic compression, one to four Sonixs heads, to 200 units per hour.

  • CTL

    Pneumatic compression to 4000 lbs, one or two KSR3.1 heads

  • CTK

    Pneumatic compression to 2000 lbs, One KSR3.1 head. Width clearances of 78, 90 and 102″.




  • MK-28

    Versatile closed track bulk bin strapper. 12″ front to back depth is good for single or multiple machine walk up systems or integration into fully automated systems.

  • ROMC-6

    Large-arch, operator cycled system for demanding, large product applications. Bottom mounted strapping head available with Mosca Standard 6 Strap Path technology with Heat Seal or Sonixs.

  • ROMS-6

    Versatile operator cycled or fully automatic in-line side seal strapping machines feature choice of track type and size, adjustable conveyor height and several dispenser options.





    Variety of conveyors are available as part of our complete system offering. Flexible designs to match requirements.Commercially available components make ongoing maintenance convenient.

  • EP

    Right-angle transfer device