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Mechatronics Engineer

Mechatronics Engineer

Job Description:

  • Performs all duties related to the automation design, programming, electrical engineering, the overall support and improvements of
    the electromechanical components and systems for strapping machinery and solutions.

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Converts specs into a practical controls design, create and maintain electrical drawings, wiring diagrams and control panel
    layouts using 3D modelling or 2-dimensional CAD software as provided by the Company
  • Develops and assist with continued development of new PLC and HMI programs and modifications to the existing programs to
    achieve defined functionality of strapping machines and systems.
  • Reviews programs and design documentation prior to release to ensure functionality, accuracy, and completion.
  • Collaborates with Mechanical Design Engineering to integrate automation components into electromechanical systems for a
    reliably operating machine that meets design criteria.
  • Performs testing and monitor field performance, internally and in the field, to troubleshoot and improve machine performance.
  • Commits and delivers project deliverables, on schedule and on cost targets for individual projects
  • Applies the unique aspects of the machine-strap system interface and integrates that learning into each machine design to
    maximize overall strapping system performance.
  • Provides documentation for the Technical Manual, such as controls description, machine start-up, operation and maintenance,
    troubleshooting guide, critical and recommended spare parts over the life of the system.
  • Supports field service personnel with field installation, advanced troubleshooting, by applying a sustainable containment, and
    with training and development of a broader and more specialized skillset.
  • Supports shop personnel with expert issue investigation and troubleshooting, with training and development of a broader and
    more specialized skillset and contributes to the improvement of the machine assembly techniques with work instructions,
    checklists, and visual aids.

Other Duties

  • Works with the sales team to support special requirements in specific applications. Provides design input, assists in application
    analysis and quoting, provides documentation to meet agreed performance and schedules.
  • Work with Company field and operational personnel as well as customers to define specifications for various equipment to be
    marketed by EAM-Mosca.