The UBS-Sonixs is a high performing but economical, low-profile, bottom-seal strapping system for use in an integrated production line.
    • The UBS-Sonixs features an industrial strength strapping head with Mosca’s proprietary Sonixs ultra-sonic sealing technology and a modular track system with openings up to 2 meters square. The strapping head hinges up for convenient servicing.
    • The unit has a depth of only 13” in the pass-through direction so that larger products can be conveyed through it without building powered conveyor into the strapper itself.
    • The system’s standard track is 1700mm (69″) wide x 1500mm (59″) high and can be modified in 500mm increments in width and 250mm increments in height dimensions to fit application requirements.
    • The system can be operated via pushbutton, footswitch or automatically via signal exchange.
    • The bottom sealing system has the strapping head centered across the conveyor width which has a 12″ minimum height.
    • Free standing strap dispenser can be floor mounted in-line with strapper or at right angels to fit available floor space. Mechanical strap accumulation design collects excess strap during tension cycle.
    • The system operates with PP or PET strapping from 9 to 12mm wide and up to 750 lbs. break strength.
    • Mosca Evolution Sonixs ultrasonic sealing head including:
      – DC brushless direct drives for long life and quiet operation.
      – Tool-less strap track disassembly for convenient cleaning and servicing.
      – Sonixs ultra-sonic sealing with zero warmup, no smoke and self-calibration assuring consistent high strength seals on every cycle.
      – Precision fully enclosed strap feed track system for excellent feed reliability.
    • Siemens S7-300 controller with pushbutton operator interface mounted on electrical cabinet. Auto strap positioning via signal exchange with external controller.
    • Dependent on load sizes, transport speed and track size, the UBS-Sonixs is capable of 4-8 cycles per minute.
    • Paint finish Mosca Blue

    • Special paint according to RAL scale


  • UHS-2-Sonixs

    Versatile high-tension, side-seal strapping system with modular arch design.

  • USI-Sonixs

    New, high-tension, side-seal strapping system with indexing strapping head and optional pallet lance.