CTR Unitizer 2019 CMYK
CTR Unitizer 2019.229 with cardboard sheets
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CTR Unitizer
CTR Unitizer 2019 CMYK
CTR Unitizer 2019.229 with cardboard sheets
CRT Bundler
CTR Unitizer

CTR SoniXs®

All-Electric Compression Unitizer with Dual Pawl and Saw-Tooth Mechanical Platen Support.

The CTR SoniXs® all electric compression unitizer features a heavy-duty powered roller conveyor with a tangential chain drive for consistent load positioning. Optional “MoscaTrak” diagnostics and data collection screen provides real-time data to determine corrective actions and maximize up-time. The CTR SoniXs® can also accommodate up to three strapping heads.

Mosca’s proprietary SoniXs® ultrasonic sealing technology creates a reliable, strong seal with increased cycle life, no warm-up required, reduced cleaning, and preventive maintenance.

Key Features

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SoniXs® Technology


Load Securing

Up to 220 Loads/Hour

Product Information

Key Features:

  • Up to 220 Loads per hour
  • Up to 3 SoniXs sealing heads
  • Platen Lockout
  • Up to 7,000lbs electric compression
  • Load width, standard 20″-98″
  • Load Height, standard 8″-96″
  • Optional Pallet Lance
  • Optional Turntable

Production Rate (Loads Per Hour) 2 x 0 Pattern – Without Lances: 220 With Lances: 170 2 x 2 Pattern – Without Lances: 105 With Lances: 90
Electrical 480VAC 3pH, 60 hz, 40 Amps (Alternative Voltage Available)
Controls O.E.M. Controls: Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PAC Standard
Conveyor Dual strand tangential chain drive for consistent load positioning. Heavy-duty 2.38” diameter steel rollers on 3.63” and 4.25” centers.
Conveyor Speed 60 Ft Per Minute (standard) 45 Ft Per Minute (optional)
Compression Electric Compression. Just touch up to 7000 Lbs. 10 settings.
Load Dimensions Width: 20” – 98”
Length: 20” (min)
Height Without Lances: 8” – 96”
Height With Lances: 12” – 96”
Diagonal: 100” max (applies only to optional internal turntable)
Strapping PET strap: 9mm, 11mm, or 12mm
PP strap: 12mm
Strap Seal SoniXs® ultrasonic seal, with DC brushless direct drive m

Versions and Options

Common Options:

  • MoscaTrak (performance and maintenance diagnostics tool)
  • Internal Turntable (cross-arm style. Continuous in either direction Load capacity 2,500 lbs)
  • Lances (PVFA) Feed strap through pallet voids with “clear path” sensing
  • Includes Dual Active Pawl and Saw-Tooth Mechanical Platen Lock-Out System
  • Spare Head/Test Stand

Additional Options include:

  • Manual Control Station
  • Extra High Platen Opening
  • Strap Catching and Strap Splicing Device
  • Custom Paint (RAL color chart)


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  • No. Heads: Up to 3
  • Compression Type: Electric
  • Compression Lbs.: Up to 7,000
  • Loads Per Hour: Up to 220
  • Pallet Lance: Optional
  • Strapping: PET 9 - 12mm, PP 12mm
  • Strap Seal: SoniXs®
  • Seal Location: Top

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Maintenance Manager, Mickey’s Linen
With all the trouble we had with other arch strapping machines, I had gone to IWF looking for alternatives for our packaging.…

President and Owner, Norton-Smith Hardwoods Corporation
Feed reliability is light years better than the prior equipment!

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