CTX Conveyor
CTX Conveyor

CTX SoniXs®

Hydraulic compression, one to four Sonixs® heads, up to 200 units per hour.

Exceptional passive/active platen safety system features backup safety velocity fuses on hydraulic cylinders and mechanical platen interlocks at fixed elevation for higher operator safety and “zero accident” risk assessment.

Key Features




Load Securing


Up to 200 Loads/Hour

Product Information

  • Fast! Under 10 seconds/load! Compression and strap cycle speed, along with desirable head spacings are designed to minimize platen hits. Typical results are 200 units/hour.
  • Compression range of ‘touch’ to 10,000+ lbs.
  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 Mosca patented Sonixs® strapping head featuring a compact 65 Lbs, ultrasonic sealer with dust shedding lever style, sealed bearing movements brings outstanding system reliability and minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Head/Track spacing of 13.25“ & 24” & 16.5” for 53” total span with four Sonixs® heads capable of a single platen “hit” for broad range of load sizes and maximized throughput.
  • Heavy duty hydraulic compression.
  • Unique head spacings facilitates greater single hit capability to ensure uniform load height, tension and increased throughput.
  • Hydraulic lift/rotate Internal Turntable.
  • Accumulating, mechanical Strap Dispensers.
  • Independently driven conveyor integrated into unitizer press frame for extra stability 89” long conveyor bed and zone length eliminates unplanned flow interruptions.

Versions and Options

Options Include:

  • Internal turntable
  • Lances
  • Spare strapping head and/or test stand
  • Crane kit for fast, safe sealing head removal
  • Manual control station
  • Special paint


CTX Compression Unitizer