MCB-2 Fully automatic squaring bundler
MCB-2 Fully automatic squaring bundler
MCB-2 Operation Buttons
MCB-2 Fully automatic squaring bundler
MCB-2 Fully automatic squaring bundler
MCB-2 Operation Buttons


 Fully automatic squaring bundler. Bundle pusher transport. Straps in flow direction. Auto setup. Up to 24 bundles per minute.

The MOSCA MCB-2 strapping system is the latest generation of corrugated bundle strappers with integrated squaring device. The fully automatic in-line strapping machine features fast, automated setup and job changes, giving extremely high process reliability. The smooth bundle control is achieved by using the latest in brushless DC technology for the ultimate in strap sealer reliability and low maintenance.

Key Features

Squaring Bundler

Up to 24 Units/Minute

Track Width up to 1600mm

Product Information

  • PLC control Siemens Type S7 with touch panel Siemens MP277
  • Integrated squaring and strapping functions
  • Automated setup system resets to the dimensions of the first bundle of the new size, at the push of a button or signal from the upstream equipment
  • Control of five sides of the bundle provides perfectly squared, uniform bundles
  • Electrically driven, variable frequency controlled squaring and top/bottom conveyors provide smooth bundle transport
  • Capability to strap up to 90 mm outside the bundle centre (in 30 mm steps) allows for perfect strapping of complex bundles sizes and forms
  • Electromechanical press
  • Strapping in the direction of bundle travel, typically in-line with flutes

Versions and Options

  • Last Bundle Out – powered conveyor belt to discharge the last bundle of each job – bundles are usually pushed by the following
  • Powered centerline adjustment of machine – this is required when bundles are not centered or when strapping off-centre is required (cut outs, etc.) / in 3 steps: 30 – 60 – 90 mm
  • A/C – for hot and moisture environments
  • Triple indication light and low strap indicator
  • Upstream pacer conveyor
  • Special color
  • Conveyor height > 1040 mm
  • Bundle stop – in case a pacer conveyor is not available – to avoid double bundle infeed
  • Auto splicing – fully automatic strap splicing device to ensure long-term production with less need to change consumables (up to 14.000 m available)
  • Safety fences at the infeed position (possibly required according CE regulation)


MCB-2 Strapping Machine


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  • Machine Type: Squaring Bundler
  • Ingrates With: Flexo Folder Gluer
  • Track Size (W x H): 1300mm, 1600mm
  • Table Type: Pusher and Belt Driven
  • Strap Size: 5 - 12mm
  • Strap Type: PP
  • Strap Seal: Heat
  • Seal Location: Bottom
  • Production Rate: Up to 24 single strapped BPM
  • Strap Placement: Parallel to Flute/Transport Direction

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MRO Technical Buyer
Being in the pharmaceutical industry, we process thousands of orders each and every day to our customers. Thanks to EAM-Mosca strapping systems,…

Project Manager, Distribution & Facility Engineering, AmerisourceBergen
Well, our trash cans are no longer filled with strap…the Fusions have certainly made my life a little easier!

Maintenance Manager, Mickey’s Linen
With all the trouble we had with other arch strapping machines, I had gone to IWF looking for alternatives for our packaging.…

President and Owner, Norton-Smith Hardwoods Corporation
Feed reliability is light years better than the prior equipment!

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