MOM-8 Strapper
MOM-8 Interior
MOM-8 MOM-8 Strapper MOM-8 Interior


Trackless, operator cycled table-top strapping system for low volume packaging operations where highly reliable performance is desired.

The MOM-8 is based on Mosca’s very successful Fusion automatic bander, minus the full track used for automatic strap feeding.

Key Features

Operator Cycled

Closing/ Securing


Product Information

  • Operator presses strap feed button for desired length, drapes strap over bundle and inserts end into sealer. MOM-8 automatically tensions and seals strap.
  • System features hinged stainless steel table-top for easy access to sealer.
  • Sealing head is a simplified version of the market proven Mosca Standard 3 sealer used in high-volume applications for years.
  • Heater blade is same thermostatically controlled device used in Mosca’s automatic strappers.
  • Soft strapping for sensitive packages.
  • Ideal for securing bundles of tubing and other coiled products.
  • Adjustable strap tension via potentiometer.
  • Easy, front-loading strap coil change and threading system.
  • Energy saving, wear-free DC drive, brushless motor technology
  • Quiet sealing unit
  • Operates reliably with Polypropylene (PP) straps sizes 5mm, 8mm and 12mm wide
  • Package width minimum 80mm
  • Electronic controls
  • 4 castors, 2 lockable
  • Mosca Blue powder-coat paint finish
  • Table height is conveniently adjustable from 32” to 35.5”
  • Optional table-stop to facilitate optimum product positioning


MOM-8 Brochure