Movitec Saturn S2

Rotary ring stretch wrapper

The SATURN S2 wrapper has been designed to cover markets with low production, up to 45 pallets/hour, which until now were equipped with turntable wrappers or rotary arm. Maximum quality, high performance, and minimum maintenance. 

Product Information

  • Up to 45 pallets per hour
  • It is the best alternative to the turntable wrapping machine: more balanced, with less mechanical wear and maintenance.
  • The load remains static: the film reels rotate around the load
  • Guaranteed savings of stretch film: 300% film pre-stretching. 1 m (3.2 ft) of film becomes 4 m (13.1 ft)
  • Finishing without tails of film thanks to our efficient cut and welding device
  • Electronic and self-adjusting tension control depending on the profile of the load
  • Possibility of applying efficient dustproof and rainproof wrappings
  • Possibility of wrapping at ground level
  • Capable of applying bands (strips) at any height of the load

Electricity and air consumption:

  • Voltage: 480 V 3P / 60Hz +PE
  • Power supply: 3 kW
  • Compressed air: 6 bar
  • Air consumption: 8 l/cicle
  • Air consumption with top film: 64 l/cicle

Conveying system:
Rollers, chains, belts or no conveyors at all
From 80 mm to 1000 mm high

Stretch Wrapping Film:

  • Maximum width: 20”
  • Maximum diameter: 9,8”
  • Core diameter: 3”
  • Film thickness: up to 140 (gauge)

Load Dimensions: See Brochure

Versions and Options

  • Top sheet dispenser: dust-proof and rain-proof
  • Motorized hold-down plate
  • Roping device
  • EPS: Electronic pre-stretch system
  • Quick Load
  • ACBA: Automatic corner board application
  • Detection of almost empty film reel
  • Several conveying heights


Movitec Saturn S2 Product Brochure


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