ROMS6-KR-ZV Sonixs

Operator cycled or fully automatic in-line side seal strapping machine features an indexing, Sonixs ultrasonic sealer for PP or PET, choice of pallet-lance or under-pallet track, large width x height track sizes, adjustable conveyor height and several dispenser options.
    • The Mosca ROMS6-KR-ZV SONIXS automatic strapping (banding) machines are highly reliable, side-sealing systems available with a range of control options and are ideal for pallet loads or cartoned products of moderate weight such as office furniture, electronics, appliances and more.
    • The Sonixs strapping head makes strong, emission-free seals with either PP or PET strapping, uniquely enabling users to choose the best strap for their requirements based on cost and performance.
    • The ROMS6-KR-ZV SONIXS is built around Mosca’s advanced Standard 6 Sonixs strapping head and precision strap feeding system for extreme feed reliability. Sonixs provides increased cycle life and stronger, more reliable seals, while requiring minimal cleaning, preventative maintenance and warm up.
    • The Sonixs strapping head indexes up to 340mm (13.5”) to meet incoming loads and achieves desired tension even with varying incoming load positions.
    • The ROMS6-KR-ZV SONIXS can be cycled by the operator using push buttons on the operator panel, or via optional footswitch. In fully automated applications, a signal exchange option is available that enables the unit to strap automatically when a package is delivered to strap position by the external conveying system.
    • The flexible spring gate style track is designed for either PP and PET from 11-12mm wide. Track widths are available in 1100mm, 1300mm, 1500mm or 1700mm. Inquire about available height options.
    • Depending upon track and product size, cycle speed is approximately 10 – 20 seconds. Users can realistically expect about six loads/minute.
    • Adjustable conveyor heights from 0″ to 19.7″ (0mm – 500mm) high. Other heights available upon request.
    • 75mm (3.0”) wide arch slips neatly between conveyor sections with no bridging rollers required.
    • Strap Dispenser Options: The basic dispenser can be mounted on top of the pre-feed section of the machine, for the smallest footprint. Alternatively, the dispenser can be mounted on the back side of the pre-feed cabinet for a lower loading height, an advantage on higher conveyor height applications. Also, the dispensers can be arranged to face either left or right for operator convenience in changing coils.
    • For high production requirements, a dual dispenser is available, with or without auto coil changer, to minimize downtime due to coil change. Auto coil change, for PP straps only, consumes only about 12 seconds and doesn’t require immediate operator intervention to maintain continuous operation. Finally, a larger, 400mm diameter coil dispenser is available, primarily for PET strapping, allowing more footage per coil and fewer coil changes during production.
    • Paint finish Mosca Blue

    • Dual coil dispenser (8” coil available with side or top placement)
    • Automatic coil changer (8” coil available with top placement only)
    • Traffic light warning system or acoustic malfunction signal
    • Low strap detection with signal in the control panel
    • Signal exchange via 15-pole contact plug to integrate into fully automatic production lines
    • Special paint according to RAL scale
    • Special working heights
    • Flexible foot switch for manual strap cycle


  • USI-Sonixs

    Sistema de flejado lateral de alta tensión con cabezal sellador de indexación y lanza opcional para guiar el fleje a través de las ranuras de tarimas.

  • UBS-Sonixs

    La UBS-Sonixs es un sistema de flejado de alto rendimiento económicamente muy accesible con unidad de sello ubicado en la parte inferior que ha sido diseñado para ser integrado en líneas de empaque automatizadas.

  • ROMS-6

    Versátil máquina de flejado con sellado lateral en línea, con operación por ciclos o completamente automática, que presenta la opción de tipo y tamaño de carril, altura ajustable de la cinta transportadora y varias opciones de dispensador.