TR6-K SoniXs®

Fully Automatic Strapping Machine for Publication Bundling

Strap up to 50 bundles per minute with the pre-eminent first-position, high-speed TR6-K.

Key Features

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SoniXs® Technology

Fully Automatic


Up to 55 Units/Minute

Track Width Up to 500mm

Product Information

  • Specifically designed for the printing industry, the system applies 5mm strap at the ideal tension for zip sorted magazines or virtually any bound product.
  • The strap track and sealer are assembled on a precision fixture to assure a highly accurate mechanical system to enhance feed reliability.
  • Industry leading Mosca DC brushless direct-drive sealer technology for superior performance.
  • Includes Mosca’s precision constructed Strapway 6 for exceptional reliability and low maintenance demands.
  • State of the art electronic control system with safety interlocks for increased operator protection.
  • Unique servo driven “kickers”, set up instantly, square the trailing bundle edge and accelerate the exit of strapped bundles for maximum throughput.
  • Fast, easy product size change.
  • Close-couples to high-speed stackers for excellent bundle control.
  • Special adapters linking strapper to stacker provide seamless bundle transfer.
  • Throughput speeds of 45 or 50 bundles per minute, based on stacker input to assure optimum line speeds without unnecessary wear and tear on the strapping system.
  • Mosca’s high speed bearing mounted closed strap track provides unexcelled strap control and high feed reliability, even with lightweight, economical 5mm strapping.
  • Six side bundle control assures square bundles from digest through tabloid sizes.
  • Special narrow sealer head straps bundles as small as 5” wide.
  • The TR6-K offers an option for “selective strapping” of bundles based on book count or alternatively varying strap tension based on count to prevent curling bundles or damaging product due to unnecessarily high strap tension.
  • The machine features a B&R controller and HMI with multiple secured levels of access covering a range of needs from operator selections to engineered parameter settings.
  • The TR6-K can be installed as a stand-alone first position unit for single ‘belly-straps’. For cross-strapping, add either a turn-post conveyor, or our unique EP-500 right angle transfer that diverts bundles 90 degrees left or right, into a high-speed TR-6.
  • Mosca Blue paint finish.

Versions and Options

  • Sonixs® Ultrasonic Sealer
  • Electromechanical double press
  • Electromechanical back stop
  • Stacker connection for any available stackers
  • Driven lateral guidance for difficult products
  • Automatical strap tension adjustment
  • Bump-proof base frame with adjustable legs / castors
  • Special paint


TR6-K Strapping Machine

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I widely recommend EAM-Mosca de Mexico as a supplier of all of our distribution centers nationwide of bundlers, strap, spare parts, and…

Chief Buyer, OXXO
The installation of the Mosca strapping machine was seamless.” “It’s very easy to work with, and EAM-Mosca provides excellent support and training.…

MRO Technical Buyer
Being in the pharmaceutical industry, we process thousands of orders each and every day to our customers. Thanks to EAM-Mosca strapping systems,…

Project Manager, Distribution & Facility Engineering, AmerisourceBergen
Well, our trash cans are no longer filled with strap…the Fusions have certainly made my life a little easier!

Maintenance Manager, Mickey’s Linen
With all the trouble we had with other arch strapping machines, I had gone to IWF looking for alternatives for our packaging.…

President and Owner, Norton-Smith Hardwoods Corporation
Feed reliability is light years better than the prior equipment!

Molded Plastic Packaging Company