Mosca’s TRC-6 automatic strapping system for corrugated bundles offers advances in mechanical and control technology, a robust new cabinet, new conveyor design, a choice of sealers and a streamlined press mechanism all of which contribute to an exceptionally reliable, high performance bundler.

The TRC-6 features the innovative Standard-6 precision strap path, direct drive sealer with sealed bearing construction, a pivoting control panel for intuitive operator guidance including performance diagnostics.

    • Wear-free DC brushless direct-drive technology with simplified mechanics
    • Unique fully enclosed strap track system guarantees superior feed reliability
    • Available with Standard 6 thermostatically controlled heat-weld sealer or proprietary Sonixs ultrasonic sealer
    • Lever style sealed bearing construction sheds dirt and dust and extends service intervals
    • Standard 6 Strap Path and Sealer provide unprecedented strap cycle reliability
    • Variable speed, extruded, splined roller conveyors conveniently lift out for servicing
    • Heavy duty swivel castors, (2) with swivel lock and brake and (2) free swiveling for ease of maneuvering and secure positioning
    • Extremely rugged cabinet will maintain performance integrity when subjected to uneven floors and heavy loads
    • The TRC-6 is controlled by MOSCA’s MSCB control board and the pivoting membrane style control panel
    • Interlocks for up/downstream integration into automated production lines
    • Production rate up to 30 bundles per minute, depending on track and bundle sizes
    • Paint finish: Mosca Blue RAL 5010
    • Track Sizes:
      • 1000mm W x 466mm H with press, 600mm H without press
      • 1250mm W x 466mm H with press, 600mm H without press
      • 1650mm W x 466mm H with press, 600mm H without press
      • 2200mm W x 466mm H with press, 600mm H without press
      • 2200mm W x 466mm H with press, 600mm H without press
      • 2600mm W x 466mm H with press, 600mm H without press


    • High level of mechanical strap path integrity and strap cycle consistency for maximum uptime
    • Integrates flexibly into production lines for seamless automation
    • Reduced service and daily cleaning requirements with extended service intervals
    • Intuitive interface for operational efficiency and operator convenience

    • Pneumatic powered backstops
    • Protective Guarding
    • Dual Dispensers
    • Light Tower
    • Custom Paint


  • ROMC-6

    Large-arch, operator cycled system for demanding, large product applications. Bottom mounted strapping head available with Mosca Standard 6 Strap Path technology with Heat Seal or Sonixs.

  • ROMP-6B & ROMP-6R

    Innovative Standard 6 Sealer and entry level automation with belt or roller conveyor.

  • TR-6

    High performance, fully automatic strapping machine with controls customized to meet application requirements, and conveyor and sealer options.