SQ4 2020
TRC6-SQ4 & SQ4 Tandem
TRC6-SQ4 & SQ4 Tandem
SQ4 2020
TRC6-SQ4 & SQ4 Tandem
TRC6-SQ4 & SQ4 Tandem

TRC6-SQ4 SoniXs®

Squaring Bundler

The TRC6-SQ4 SoniXs® fully automatic squaring bundler combines high-speed with the flexibility to strap a wide variety of bundle sizes. Mosca’s Standard 6 sealer features a unified strap path for improved feed reliability and tool-less track disassembly for quick maintenance and cleaning. Electrically driven backstops and side conditioners provide the bundle squaring capability for consistently uniform loads.

Mosca’s proprietary SoniXs® ultrasonic sealing technology creates a reliable, strong seal with increased cycle life, no warm-up required, reduced cleaning and preventive maintenance.

Key Features

Sonixs Icon

SoniXs® Technology


Fully Automatic

Squaring bundler

Squaring System


Up to 24 Units/Minute

Icon Track size

Track Width up to 1650mm

Product Information

Production Rate:

  • Up to 24 Single squared and strapped bundles per minute

Product Size:

  • Smallest bundle:
    • Standard: 8”W x 11” L. Small bundle option: 7” W x 7” L
  • Largest bundle:
    • With squaring: 56” W. Without squaring engaged: Up to 63” W

Track Size: 1650mm x 600mm (65” x 23 1/2” )
Electrical: 200 – 575V 50/60 Hz, 1.5 KVA, 3 Ph.
Air Requirements: 4 CFM @87 PSI
Conveyor: Standard: Extruded splined roller conveyor. Flow direction right to left

Conveyor Speed: Variable 30 – 180 FPM
Conveyor Height:

  • Outriggers required: 25.5” – 30.4”
  • Standard: 30.5” – 39.4”
  • Riser required: 39.5” – 47”
  • Risers + outriggers required: 47.1” – 54”
  • Risers + outriggers required: 54.1” – 61.5”

Strapping: Standard: PP – 5mm (other widths available)
Strap Tension: Infinitely adjustable from 10 – 60 Lbs. Strap Seal SoniXs® Ultrasonic seal with DC brushless direct-drive motor
Seal Location: Bottom center seal
Machine Shipping Weight: Approx. 1650 Lbs. 
Casters: Heavy-duty swivel-lock casters

Versions and Options

Additional Options:

  • Powered Backstops (Converts to SQ4A)
  • Small Bundle Option
  • Dual Dispenser
  • Automatic Coil changer
  • Light Tower
  • 30” Substitute Conveyor
  • Custom Conveyor Lengths
  • Floor Troughs
  • Under Table Lighting
  • Automatic Blow Out
  • Bundle size data transfer via external input
  • Reverse Flow (Left To Right)
  • Automatic Lateral Positioning
  • Heat Sealer (To Replace SoniXs® Sealer)
  • Additional Protective Guarding
  • Custom Paint Color (RAL Color Chart)


TRC6-SQ4 SoniXs® Product Brochure


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