TRC6-SQ4 & SQ4 Tandem

Newest Integrated Squaring-Strapping System Built on TRC-6

The TRC6-SQ4 fully automatic squaring and strapping system is built on the TRC-6 platform that dramatically improves bundle quality without the cost or complexity of a specialized squaring system. System features extensive automation capabilities such as an optional motorized backstop with automated setup, small bundle option to handle bundles as small as 7″ x 7″, and remote technical support.

    • High-performance, fully automatic bundler features Mosca’s new Standard 6 Strap Path for improved feed reliability.
    • Modular squaring device features unique leading edge design for improved side squaring and better bundle quality over a wide range of bundle sizes.
    • Small bundle option improves bundle  management for bundles as small as 7″ x 7″.
    • Built on the TRC-6 platform around Mosca’s DC brushless direct drive technology, available either with Sonixs strapping head or electronic temperature controlled heat-seal.
    • Electrically driven backstops and side conditioners effectively square bundles as narrow as 8”wide x 11” long (without small bundle option) and as large as 56”wide x 40” long. The TRC6-SQ4 can process bundles with no squaring up to 65” wide and unlimited length.
    • Compression bar to keep bundles flat and control strap position is driven by concealed pneumatics – in a sleek new design which protects the components from dust and dirt and minimizes overall machine height.
    • For high production environments, theTRC6-SQ4 features optional dual dispensers and automatic coil change for 10- second coil changes without operator involvement.
    • Quick changeover with easy auto setup feature. Encoder controlled positioning maintains run accuracy.
    • The base model can be installed with simple first bundle setup capability and throughput of up to 24 bundles per minute.
    • A tandem installation has the capability of up to 36 squared, strapped bundles per minute
      dependent upon bundle length and conveyor speed; up to 24 double-strapped bundle per minute.
    • The system is also available with a motorized backstop and automated setup capability. The setup can be performed using the first bundle; or bundle size data entered by the operator on the operator interface; or with data received externally by serial connection or Ethernet.
    • Remote technical support is offered to customers who provide access to the strapping system via an Ethernet connection.
    • Full opening hinged and removable conveyor bed for convenient access to sealer.
    • New Intelligent System Communication offered as an option for uninterrupted production flow.
    • Mosca’s patented Sonixs sealer features ultrasonic sealing, innovative gripper, knife and head design using sealed linear bearings proven to stand up extremely well to dirt and dust buildup.

    Key Benefits

    • Complete interface with Flexo and conveyor lines
    • Maximized throughput and increased productivity
    • Easy integration
    • Modest acquisition costs
    • Extended service intervals and reduced maintenance needs


    Options Include:

    • Protective Guarding
    • Dual Dispenser
    • Automatic Coil Change
    • Light Tower
    • Custom Paint
    • Pacer Conveyor
    • Floor Rails
    • Small Bundle Option

    Intelligent Options:

    • Ethernet enabled control
    • Powered backstop adjustment


  • TRC-6

    TRC-6 automatic strapping system for corrugated bundles offers advances in mechanical and control technology, robust new cabinet, new conveyor design, a choice of sealers and a streamlined press mechanism.

  • MCB-2

    Fully automatic squaring bundler. Bundle pusher transport. Straps in flow direction. Auto setup. Up to 24 bundles per minute.

  • UATRI-2

    Fully auto squaring bundler. Strap in flow direction. One or two strapping heads. All-side squaring. Up to 28 bundles per minute.