TRI-6 Strapping Machine
TRI-6 Strapping Machine

TRI-6 SoniXs®

High performance, fully automatic strapping machine offers an in-line solution for applying cross straps to bundles of printed material. Features split belt conveyor and proprietary Sonixs® ultrasonic sealer.

The TRI-6 features the innovative Standard-6 precision Strap Path, direct drive sealer with sealed bearing construction, a sophisticated control program that can be tailored to meet individual needs and a strap track design that straps in the bundle’s direction of travel.

Key Features

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SoniXs® Technology


Fully Automatic




Up to 30

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Track Width Up to 500mm

Product Information

  • Straps bundles of printed material, mail or other packages up to 18” square and 12” high
  • Wear-free DC brushless direct-drive technology with simplified mechanics
  • Unique fully enclosed strap track system guarantees superior feed reliability
  • Available with proprietary Sonixs ultrasonic sealer or Standard 6 thermostatically controlled heat-weld sealer
  • Lever style sealed bearing construction sheds dirt and dust and extends service intervals
  • Standard 6 Strap Path and Sealer provide unprecedented strap cycle reliability
  • Variable speed belt conveyor
  • Heavy-duty two fixed and two lockable swivel casters for balanced portability and secure positioning
  • Entry (Base) model offers membrane type push-button operator panel
  • Advanced (Pro) model features a B&R PLC with HMI and an array of control and bundle management options including external data input to control strap quantity and location as well as other package driven operating parameters
  • Both Base and Pro models are available in arch size of:
    • 500mm W x 500mm H (19.7″ x 19.7″)
  • Dry contacts for up/downstream integration into automated production lines
  • Installed as a secondary unit in a cross strapping operation production rate is about 30 bundles/minute. Machine cycle speed is up to 40 cycles/minute
  • Paint finish: Mosca Blue


  • Unique arch design straps bundles in direction of product travel. Ideal as a second stage unit requiring a minimal amount of space and eliminating bundle turning equipment
  • High level of mechanical strap path integrity and strap cycle consistency for maximum uptime
  • Integrates flexibly into production lines for seamless automation
  • Data input from HMI, network or operating system to control strap quantity, position and related machine parameters for optimized bundle quality
  • Reduced service and daily cleaning requirements with extended service intervals
  • Intuitive interface for operational efficiency and operator convenience

Versions and Options

  • TR6-Base: Entry level automation for basic requirements with little bundle variation
  • TR6-Pro: Sophisticated automation for varied bundle presentations and external communication requirements
  • Pneumatic or electrically powered press (Subtract 100mm in product height)
  • Light tower with audible trouble signal
  • Remote data input for custom strap patterns, locations, tension control and related parameters
  • Remote program access for updates and troubleshooting


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