UHS-2-Sonixs: Versatile High Tension Side Seal Strapping System with Modular Arch Design

UHS2-Sonixs features the powerful Mosca Sonixs Unitizer strapping head in a fixed side sealing position with adjustable conveyor height and broad track size range, including tiltable track for easel style assembly and packing processes.

    • High performance, low maintenance side seal strapping system designed to strap large packages and shipping units with PP or PET strapping in widths from 9-12mm and breaking strengths to750 lbs.
    • Utilizes Mosca Sonixs unitizer strapping head proven reliable with low operating cost over hundreds of applications and many years. Sonixs ultra-sonic seals require zero warm-up, are smokeless. System self-calibrates prior to each cycle assuring consistently strong strap seals.
    • Strapping head is in a fixed position but can be cantilevered over conveyor up to 14 inches to accommodate product positioning requirements of individual applications.
    • Conveyor height range from 9” to 28 1/4 inches, adjustable on-site with no special parts or tools.
    • Spring gate style tracks with long lived hemmed edge stainless steel gates can be built in sizes from 900mm wide x 1000mm high to 3150mm wide x 3000mm high in 250mm increments.
    • The track leg above the strapping head angles away from the product to provide positive leverage to strip strap from the track on any height package and at any tension level.
    • Strapping head and frame can be tilted up to 20 degrees via turnbuckle to match vertical assembly and packing lines, such as those commonly employed in door and window operations.
    • Optional brush guides control strap exit from the track, assuring accurate strap placement when strapping small packages in large tracks.
    • 3” wide strap track requires only a 4 inch gap for easy insertion in conveyor lines.
    • Free standing single arm strap dispenser must be ordered separately and can be oriented in-line with the strap line or at right angles to reduce machine footprint.
    • Pool box collects strap pulled back during tensioning for safe and clean strap management until it is refed to complete each strapping cycle.
    • Uses Siemens S7 Controller with pushbutton interface for selection of key operating functions.
    • System can be operated by footswitch, pushbutton or automatically via signal exchange with an external system controller.
    • • Typical cycle rate is in the range of 10-15 per minute, not including conveying time.


    Key Benefits

    • Flexible conveyor height, track size, head position, track angle and strap dispenser orientation makes UHS2-sonxs adaptable to fit a wide variety of requirements.
    • Access to key cycle parameters at the HMI allows operators to tune performance to meet variable process needs.
    • Proven strapping head and track means long lived, low cost reliability for users.
    • Ability to use PP or PET strapping from 9-12mm wide allows users to select the strap with optimal performance and cost characteristics to meet process demands.

    Introducing the UHS-Sonixs


  • USI-Sonixs

    High-tension, side-seal strapping system with indexing, Sonixs ultrasonic searler head and optional pallet lance.

  • ROMS-6

    Versatile operator cycled or fully automatic in-line side seal strapping machines feature choice of track type and size, adjustable conveyor height and several dispenser options.

  • ROMS6-KR-ZV Sonixs

    Operator cycled or fully automatic in-line side seal strapping machine features an indexing, Sonixs ultrasonic sealer for PP or PET, choice of pallet-lance or under-pallet track, large width x height track sizes, adjustable conveyor height and several dispenser options.