USI-2 SoniXs®

The Ultimate Strapping Solution For Load Securing

NEW! The USI-2 SoniXs® is a versatile, high-tension side seal strapping machine with an indexing head designed to strap large packages and shipping units.

Built on the proven technology of our USI-SoniXs, the USI-2 SoniXs® has been engineered to be a more modular load securing system for greater flexibility.

The system is available in three configurations; pallet lance only, lower track only, or include both pallet lance and lower track.

Features include a smaller footprint to make moving around more convenient in compact spaces, and a heavy-duty strapping head that indexes up to 18 inches to meet the side of the load, enabling increased strap tension and greater seal performance. Designed for various applications including rigid packaging and beverage containers, the USI-2 SoniXs® also includes the option for a load stabilizer with a broad stroke range for strapping a wide variety of load sizes.

Key Features

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SoniXs® Technology

Operator Cycled or Automatic

Load Securing

Dependent On Product Handling Requirements

Product Information

Production Rate Dependent on product handling requirements
Product Dimensions Min product height: 500mm (19.7”) Lance Only and Lower Track
Track Size Pallet Lance and Lower Track, and Pallet Lance Only Configurations:
1200mm (47”) – 2100mm (82”) Width x 1550mm (61”) – 2800mm (110”) Height
Lower Track Only Configuration: 1200mm (47”) – 3000mm (118”) Width x 1550mm (61”) – 2800mm (110”) Height
Custom sizes may be available on request.
Pallet Lance: Requires no conveyor gap
Lower Track: Requires 4” conveyor gap

Electrical 120-575V, 50/60 hz, 3 ph
Controls PLC with 7” touchscreen HMI
Standard: Siemens Optional: Allen Bradley
Conveyor Height 191mm (7.5”) – 1016mm (40”)
Strapping SoniXs® sealer runs PP or PET strap 9mm-12mm
Strap Tension Infinitely adjustable up to 204kg (450 lbs.)
Strap Seal SoniXs® ultrasonic seal
Seal location Side Seal
Machine Shipping Weight Approx. 544.3kg (1200 lbs.)
Casters Fixed Feet


  • “Quick Change” sealer head assembly.
  • Machine power disconnect switch.
  • Configurable pallet/load sensor.

Versions and Options

  • Pallet lance and/or lower track (lance only deploys when a pallet void is detected).
  • 3 Tier light tower with upgraded user-adjustable integrated audible alarm.
  • Low strap detection/alarm.
  • Electrical enclosure safety lock.
  • “Floating” sealer head carriage assembly for optimal strap tension equalization.
  • Electric or pneumatic load stabilizer (compatible with standard conveyor heights only)


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  • Machine Type: Fully Automatic
  • Indexing Head: Up to 18"
  • Pallet Lance: Optional
  • Tiltable Track: -
  • Track Size (W x H): Dependent on Configuration Chosen
  • Underfeed Track: Optional
  • Strap Size: 9 - 12mm
  • Strap Type: PP or PET
  • Strap Seal: SoniXs®
  • Seal Location: Side
  • Load Stabilizer: Optional
  • Strap Placement: Vertical

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