USI-Sonixs Sealer
USI-Sonixs Sealer Machine
USI-Sonixs Sealer
USI-Sonixs Sealer Machine

USI SoniXs®

New, High-Tension, Side-Seal Strapping System with Indexing Strapping Head and Optional Pallet Lance.

USI-Sonixs® side-seal strapping system features an indexing strapping head with a powerful Sonixs® ultrasonic sealer that can use either PP or PET strapping up to 12mm wide. Designed to strap large packages and shipping units, the USI-Sonixs® has an optional lance feature that straps through the pallet void.

Key Features


Operator Cycled or Automatic


Load Securing


Up to 6 Cycles/Minute

Product Information

  • New, versatile, high-tension, side-seal strapping system.
  • The USI-Sonixs® features a powerful Mosca Sonixs® ultrasonic, indexing strapping head that operates reliably with PET or PP strapping in widths of 9, 11 or 12mm.
  • Strapping head indexes up to 18” to meet incoming units, strapping them securely and consistently with up to 450 lbs. of adjustable tension.
  • The high-performance, low maintenance system is designed to strap large packages and shipping units.
  • USI-Sonixs® can be configured to feed through pallet void, under the load or automatically select through pallet or under based on pallet void detection. The USI-Sonixs® may be operated with a footswitch, pushbutton, or automatically via a signal exchange with an external system controller.
  • System is built on a frame with a conveyor height of 8” to 15”. (Inquire about other available heights.)
  • Production rate ranges from 10 to 20 seconds/cycle depending upon pallet type, track size and product size.
  • PLC controls with HMI Touchscreen interface.
  • Simple and reliable modular spring gate design.
  • Standard arch sizes are either 60” or 72” wide by 72” – 110” high.
  • Narrow strap track integrates easily with conveyor lines.
  • Strapping is dispensed from EAM-Mosca’s free standing dispenser, which can be configured in a left or right handed arrangement or in a right angle configuration to fit into tight spaces.
  • Mosca’s patented Sonixs® sealer features ultrasonic sealing, innovative gripper, knife and head design using sealed linear bearings proven to stand up extremely well to dirt and dust buildup.


Key Benefits

  • Pallet Lance protects strap from being exposed on the bottom of the load.
  • Heavy duty, high-tension strapping head produces secure, smoke-free seals with PET or PP
  • Modest acquisition costs.
  • Low maintenance, high performance system


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