USI SoniXs® For Rigid Packaging

NEW Version!

This new USI SoniXs® model is a versatile, high-tension side seal strapping machine designed specifically for the rigid packaging industry and beverage containers. Featuring an electric load stabilizer and broad stroke range for strapping a variety of load sizes.

The heavy-duty ultrasonic unitizer strapping head indexes to meet the side of the load and can strap through pallet voids or under the product for maximum versatility. Mosca’s proprietary SoniXs® ultrasonic sealing technology creates a reliable, strong seal with increased cycle life, no warm-up required, reduced cleaning, and preventive maintenance.

Key Features


Fully Automatic


Load Securing

Load Stabilizer


Up to 5 Cycles/Minute

Product Information

Production Rate: Up to 5 bundles per minute
Track Size: 1800mm x 2800mm (Other sizes on request)
Pallet lance: Requires no conveyor gap
Lower track: Requires 4” conveyor gap
Indexing Head: Head extends to reach side of load
Electrical: 200-575V, 50/60 hz, 3 ph
Controls: Siemens S7 PLC with touchscreen HMI
Conveyor Height: Standard: 8” – 14.5” (Optional 14.5” – 20.5”)
Strapping: SoniXs® sealer runs PP or PET strap 9mm-12mm
Strap Tension: Infinitely adjustable up to 450 Lbs.
Strap Seal: SoniXs® ultrasonic seal, with DC brushless direct drive motors
Seal Location: Side Seal
Machine Shipping Weight: Approx. 1200 Lbs.
Casters: Fixed Feet

Versions and Options

  • Pallet sensor or Load sensor
  • Pallet lance and/or lower track (lance only deploys when a pallet void is detected)
  • Right angle dispenser configuration
  • Electric load stabilization as standard (Pneumatic optional)


USI-SoniXs For Rigid Packaging and Beverage Containers Product Brochure


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