EAM-Mosca Corporation, the North American Affiliate of Mosca GmbH, offers a large portfolio of strapping systems to meet a variety of industrial packaging needs.

EAM-Mosca develops equipment geared to meet specific needs within vertical industries. We are often able to broaden our successes across industry lines to provide an outstanding array of innovative solutions. Ask for assistance in choosing the right system to meet your requirements, or to suggest new ways our system components can work for you.

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EAM-Mosca strapping materials are engineered to optimize Mosca machine performance and enhance system reliability. Our quality is based on stringent raw material control and critical manufacturing parameters.

We offer variety of sizes, colors, break strengths, and either bulk pallet loads or cartoned product. Most strapping products are sold from stock. For assistance in choosing the right strap product, please call your regional sales manager, or our customer service department.

We offer strapping materials in both Polypropylene and Polyester.