Our complete list of strapping machines listed by type.




    Operator cycled, walk-up bander capable of up to 50 cycles/minute. Entry level price point. Thermostatically controlled heat-weld sealer and Mosca’s DC brushless direct-drive technology.

  • ROMC-6

    Large-arch, operator cycled system for demanding, large product applications. Available with Mosca Standard 6 Strap Path technology with Heat Seal or Sonixs.


    Heavy duty walk-up bander available with Standard 6 Sealer in Sonixs or thermostatically controlled heat seal. Offers the best performance/price solution for variety of walk-up strapping applications.

  • ROMP-6-VA

    New! The ROMP-6-VA is an automatic, stainless steel, walk-up strapping system that features a stainless table-top and a moisture resistant version of Mosca’s Sonixs ultra-sonic sealer.


    Superior off-line bundler comes in a range of track sizes including wide widths, ideal for back-up and sample loads.

  • ROMS6-VA-Sonixs

    The ROMS6-VA-Sonixs stainless steel side seal strapping machine is designed for superior performance in the cold/wet environments typically found in seafood and animal protein applications.

  • ROM-RI

    Unique, table top system with retractable strap track for long items or coils of product.

  • MOM-8

    Trackless, operator cycled table-top strapping system for low volume packaging operations where highly reliable performance is desired.





    Fully automatic strapping system designed to work with stackers for bundling printed signatures.

  • MK-28

    Versatile closed track bulk bin strapper. 12″ front to back depth is good for single or multiple machine walk up systems or integration into fully automated systems.

  • ROMP-6B & ROMP-6R

    Entry-level automated systems with belt or roller conveyor.

  • ROMP-6R-VA

    Automated strapping system with rugged stainless steel cabinet, roller conveyor and corrosion resistant components inside and out.

  • ROMS-6

    Versatile operator cycled or fully automatic in-Line side seal strapping machine features Standard 6 strapping head and precision strap feeding system for extreme feed reliability. Available with adjustable conveyor heights and track sizes.

  • ROMS6-H-Sonixs

    The ROMS6-H-Sonixs is a sophisticated, high-speed horizontal strapping system for use in an integrated production line.

  • TR-6

    High performance, fully automatic strapping machine with controls customized to meet application requirements, and conveyor and sealer options.

  • TRI-6

    High performance, fully automatic strapping machine offers an in-line solution for applying cross straps to bundles of printed material. Features split belt conveyor and Sonixs ultrasonic or Heat Weld sealing options.

  • TR6-K

    Strap up to 55 bundles per minute with the pre-eminent first-position, high-speed TR6-K, a fully automatic strapping machine for publication bundling.

  • ROMS6-VA-Sonixs

    The ROMS6-VA-Sonixs stainless steel side seal strapping machine is designed for superior performance in the cold/wet environments typically found in seafood and animal protein applications.

  • TRC-6

    TRC-6 bander for corrugated bundles. Advances in mechanical and control technology, robust cabinet, choice of sealers and streamlined press.

  • UHS-2-Sonixs

    High-performance, low maintenance side seal strapping system designed to strap large packages and shipping units with either PP or PET strapping in widths of 9, 11 or 12mm.

  • USI-Sonixs

    New, high-tension, side-seal strapping system with indexing strapping head and optional pallet lance.


    Fully automatic strapping machine for mail trays destined for the United States Postal Service. Trays are strapped lengthwise.




  • S-ATRS-6-Sonixs

    Cost effective and highly efficient solution for squaring and bundling shingled-stream specialty folder gluer output. System features quick set-up and increases the output of operator assisted bundling of limited-quantity, high-speed production runs.

  • TRC6-SQ4

    Fully automatic squaring and strapping system that dramatically improves bundle quality without the cost or complexity of a specialized squaring system.

  • UATRI-2

    Fully auto squaring bundler. Strap in flow direction. One or two strapping heads. All-side squaring. Up to 28 bundles per minute.

  • MCB-2

    Fully automatic squaring bundler. Bundle pusher transport. Straps in flow direction. Auto setup. Up to 24 bundles per minute.




  • CTE

    Electric compression, one to four heads. Up to 200 units per hour. Ideal head spacing for sheet feeders.

  • CTK

    Pneumatic compression to 2000 lbs, One KSR3.1 head. Width clearances of 78, 90 and 102″.

  • CTL

    Pneumatic compression to 4000 lbs, one or two KSR3.1 heads

  • CTM

    Hyudraulic compression, one to 4 KSR3.1 heads, to 200 units per hour.

  • CTR

    Electric compression, one to three Sonixs heads. Up to 220 units per hour.

  • CTS

    Fully Automatic Compression Strapping System

  • CTX

    Hydraulic compression, one to four Sonixs heads, to 200 units per hour.

  • SMV-2000

    Fully Automatic Compression Strapping System





    Variety of conveyors are available as part of our complete system offering. Flexible designs to match requirements.Commercially available components make ongoing maintenance convenient.

  • DG

    Rotates up to 50 bundles/minute

  • EP

    Right-angle transfer device